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Sunday, 19 July 2015


MTN Whatsapp Bundle Plan and Subscription Code.

MTN Whatsapp Bundle is really a great plan many Nigerians are currently subscribing to in other to keep in touch with their friends on Whatsapp.

 MTN Whatsapp plan is very cheap and affordable. you don't need to spend a lot while chatting with your friends on Whatsapp. MTN introduce this plan to cut down the cost for most of us who cannot do without Whatspp. This package is other wise called MTN Whatsapp GoodBag.

 In this very short article, I will be showing you how to subscribe for Whatsapp on MTN. In case if you are using other networks like Airtel, you can click here to check it out.

 MTN Whatsapp subscription code is very easy to memorize and is very simple.

MTN Whatsapp Bundle Plans and Subscription Code

Here the subscription comes in two different plans:

 1) MTN Whatsapp Monthly Subscription

 2) MTN Whatsapp Weekly Subscription

MTN Whatsapp Monthly Subscription

To subscribe for the MTN Whatsapp monthly plan, simply send WAM to 131 and make sure you have not less than 60 Naira credit on your MTN line before sending that message.

MTN Whatsapp Weekly Subscription

To subscribe for the MTN Whatsapp weekly plan, you should text WAW to 131 and ensure you have up to 25 naira credit on your MTN line before sending the message.

 MTN Whatsapp Bundle Plan At a Glance.

MTN Whatsapp GoodBag Subscription Code Amount
Monthly Plan Text "WAM" TO 131 N60
Weekly Plan Text "WAW" TO 131 N25

I hope this help. Tell me what do you think about this plan?


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