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Thursday, 4 June 2015


How I Make Money From DealDey and How You Too Can Start Earning From Dealdey

Today, I'm going to share with you how I make money from

In case if you have not heard of DealDey, it's one of the Nigerian eCommerce site just like Konga and Jumia. Although they don't have much products on their site when compared with Jumia and Konga, but they sell at a very good price.

One thing that interest many internet marketers about Dealdey is their affiliate program. They pay you N2000 for each referral that buys anything on their website.

But not many internet Marketers knows how to make money as affiliate.  In this article, I' m going to show you how you too can start making money on DealDey. Feel free to try this method on Konga, Jumia, and other site.

Although, I have tried it on Konga and Jumia, it didn't converts very well as much as it does on Dealdey. I really don't know why.


=>> Go to Dealdey and signup on their site.

=>> Then confirm your account with the verification code sent to your phone

=>> Then click on "Earn 2000" to get your own referral link. The link will look like this :

=>> Paste the referral on your notepad.

=>> Then, use your judgement to look for a product that is very cheap, that is less than N500 and has a good number of orders.

=>> Copy the affiliate link of that product and paste it on your notepad too. eg.

=>> Next, you have to attach your tracking code to the end of the product you chose. For example

=>> Then blast it all over the internet- Facebook, Nairaland, and others

To get a very fast result, you need to use Facebook Ads to market it

=>> Login in to you Facebook account, and go to Manage Ads

=>> Select website clicks, and fill in other details.

=>> use your chosen  Dealdey product link as your website

=>> then in selecting your audience, you have to be careful here. This is what make a difference. You can contact Donvin for more tips on Marketing on Facebook. He is a guru when it comes to Facebook Ads.

=>> Look for a good company in Nigeria that has a good interactive page. Companies like MTN, GTB, Etisalat, Airtel, and others are very good to target their audience.

=>>  Choose only one target audience per each Facebook Campaign. I got this advice from Donvin.

=>>  Then choose the time you want you ads to be shown. In my own case, Donvin advised me to choose 8pm - 11pm everyday and public holidays. People are usually in the buying mode at those time.

=>> Make sure you offer incentive on your campaign. eg, Order this product and get an additional N500 gift item from us.

=>> Then submit your campaign to Facebook for approval

=>> Once you are approved, you will start seeing referrals immediately.

Why this Method works

1)  You are marketing a very cheap product that everybody can afford.
2)  Your audience is well targeted.
3)  You offer incentive which makes more people to order the product.

Just feel free to get this a try and let me know what your result are.

 As a blogger and affiliate, you may need to track everything, and DealDey did not made any provision for that. I spoke with one of the customer care representative, i was told that i can open another another if i really want to track which of my traffic sources that converts.   

So you can open 2 - 3 accounts with them and use one account for facebook ads, then another account for Nairaland ads and another one for type of marketing you want to implement. 

Having these 3 accounts will help to track which of the traffic sources that makes you money and you can concentrate on those one.

Thanks for reading.

You can check out my next article on how to I make money using Google Adsense.



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