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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Why You Should Shop Online On AliExpress Market Place

Online shopping is really amazing. Although not so many people believe in Cheap Shopping online. They prefer to go to market and see the product first before making any payment. Such people are not to be blamed because of so many factors. These factors may include:

a)  Not believing in Online Shopping

b)  Fear of using ATM Cards online.

c)  How To go about ordering products online

d)  The safest and best place to order products online.

e)  and so many others

To be frank, if you are not shopping online, you are flushing money down to the toilet. This is because, online shopping is the best place to get the best quality of the product from the source. These products  are very cheap from the source.

Here in Nigeria, there are so many online market places where you can shop online but the most popular ones are Konga and Jumia.  These 2 places have been doing a fantastic job in delivering what people buy from their sites. Personally, I have purchased couple of things from both websites and I must tell you that I have never regretted buying any products from them.

One thing that is peculiar with Konga and Jumia is the cost.  Although when it comes to Nigerian Market, Konga and Jumia are the best place you can get an item cheap. In most cases, the cost of products on both sites are cheaper with compare to the actual cost in the market.

Yes, the cost is cheaper, when you talk about Nigeria Market, but what about International market? Is cost of products on  Juima and Konga  lesser than International Online shopping markets?

Don't be in a hurry to answer, you will see it by your self.

Konga and Jumia are just warehouse companies that stuff goods and product. They don't produce. They buy from other international sites and manufactures, then add their profit and sell.

In order to cut down the profit and get the products at the cheapest rate, you need to buy from where Konga, Jumia and other Nigerian online shopping markets using buy their products.

This where Aliexpress comes in.  Aliexpress is an international online market where you can get virtually every product you are looking for at the cheapest rate in this world. Aliexpress is located in China. When ever you order any product on Aliexpress, you are buying from China directly.
Aliexpress is very secure and has been providing efficient services.

Believe me things on Aliexpress are very cheap. Lets look at these case study. Not at the time of writing this article $1= N165.

Case Study: Bluetooth Ear Piece
A good quality Bluetooth ear headset cost $3.57 (i.e N589.05) on Aliexpress, while the same product costs N1500 on both Jumia and Konga Website.

This is just one product. You can check out other products and compare it by your self.

There is nothing to be afraid of when shopping on Aliexpress. All your transaction are nice done between your bank and Aliexpress, and the exact amount will be deducted. Nothing more, nothing less.

On daily basis, Aliexpress randomly pick more than 50 products and slash the price. Click here to see today's deal.

You can also check out most popular products. These products has the highest number of sells and its been updated weekly. With this bestselling products, it makes shopping more easier.

How To Shop On AliExpress Website

There is nothing stopping you from shopping online on Aliexpress. You can start by ordering any product on the site and see how it works.  I will guide you on step by step.

To shop on Aliexpress, first you need to create your account on the site. With this account, you can monitor all your orders and shipments.

=>>  Visit Aliexpress website here and Click on "Join"

=>>  Fill in the form and click on Create Account

After that, you will be notified that you account has been created and you can now shop on the site.
(Lets say you want to buy product like phone, or shoe)

=>> On the search bar, type in the name of the product,. In my own case, I typed  Bluetooth Earphone

=>> Click on Free Shipping, This will will filter off product that will be shipped free of charge.

=>> Under Price, click on the Arrow, it will arrange all the product from Low to high.

=>>  Select the Product you want to buy and click on Buy Now.

=>> You will be asked to login with your Email and Password. (Note: if you have already login you can skipp this steps.)

=>> Fill in your contact information and shipping details

=>> Under Zip/Postal code, enter your Zip code. (You can google the zip code of your location)

=>> Under Tel, enter your mobile number there without the +. Example: Enter 234 803 6935280

=>> Fill in your Bank ATM details and click order.

Then you will be notified whether your transaction is successful or not.  If its successfully, you product will be ship to your address free of charge.  Since we are using free shipping, it will take like 4 weeks for your product to arrive.

Click here to start shopping on Aliexpress

If you have any question, use the comment section to ask. I will answer that as soon as possible.

I hope this helps.


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