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Friday, 17 October 2014


Quick Solution to Warning, Your Flash Player is Out of Date, Please Update Now

If you have been getting this Warning "Your Flash Player is out of date, Please Update Now To Continue" Message pop up on your browser, the solution is more easier than you think.

Some of my readers have asking me in the past, that each time they are on certain websites, their browsers keep on telling them that their flash player out of date, Please update to continue. I noticed that most times it happens with Chrome browser.

Even if after reformatting your hard drive, the problem will still continue. So do not border to format your system because you will end up loosing all your data.

The first time I encountered this problem with my chrome browser(although it can happen with any browser), I went straight to Adobe Website and downloaded the latest version of Flash Player. After installation, I noticed that the warning is still there.

Another thing that came to my mind was that, it could be a Malware which could be removed by either uninstalling the last software or using an up to date Antivirus.  So after I did all that, I still get the warning Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to Continue.

After, I have carefully analyzed the whole issue, I finally hit the solution.

How To Solve Flash Player is Out of Date, Please Update to Continue.

As simple as it could get, i just had to reset my router (by holding down the reset button under the router for 6 seconds).

Note after restart all your ISP settings will be lost, so if you know the settings you could insert them in or just call your ISP and they will work you through the configuration. Now you just need to clear your browsers cache and you will not get that pop-up message again.

As i am not very sure how much of your settings the malware must have changed that is why i am recommending a reset if not, just change your DNS back to and will solve the problem.

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I hope this helps.


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