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Sunday, 26 October 2014


Is your Android phone very slow ? Try this tips to Boast it Immediately

If you are using an Android phone you will agree with me that there are at times you will notice that
your device is very slow.

This is usually caused by so many factors like
         (1)      You have so many Applications running on your phone that you are not aware of.
         (2)       The phone RAM is very small.

If you have been experiences such,you really don't need to worry yourself because its not a major issue . Your phone is OK. Just that you need to understand how android devices works .

Many applications we install on our Android phones end up affecting the performance of the phone.

Some go along way to eat up all the available RAM space which ends up making our phone to respond so slowly.

If your phone is very slow try these tips:

(1)   Uninstall all the applications you don't frequently use

(2)   Install  Du Speed Boaster application from Google Play Store

(3)    Go to Settings> Device> Application Manager
Then select Running. This will list all the applications that are currently running on your phone.

(4)    Start selecting it one by one and stop each of them.

5)     After stopping some of the Applications, go to your Du speed Boaster and boast the device.

After performing all these steps you will notice that your Android phone will become more  faster .

   I hope this helps.


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