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Sunday, 5 October 2014


How To Migrate To Etisalat Talk Zone

You can make cheaper calls on Etisalat Talk Zone package.

This is one of the tariff packages meant for all Easy starter, Eliteworld and Easycliq subscribers. Etisalat Talkzone offers flexible discounts on all calls made to friends and family on the Etisalat network and on all other local networks with NO ACCESS FEE.               

Making calls here cost as low as 1kobo per seconds. Other networks in the country offer the same package to their subscribers. MTN calls theirs MTN Zone.

But on Etisalat network, you enjoy up to 98% discount on calls at 1 kobo per second to your family and friends. 

How Does It Work?
The amount of discount you are going to get depends on the area you are. Talkzone offers 50k/s by default, however you can enjoy varying level of discounts; even up to 98% discount on your calls. It all depends.

To know what discount is applicable where you are, activate the cell broadcast feature on your handset and it will automatically display the current discount on the screen of your handset or Just dial *551# before making a call.

How To Migrate to Etisalat TalkZone

Simply dial *244*8# on your easy starter, easy cliq or eliteworld prepaid lines to migrate to Talkzone.

To deactivate Talkzone and migrate back to:
­ Easy Cliq: dial *244*1#
­ Easy starter: dial *244*2#

Here are Talkzone FAQs

  1.  What is Talkzone?

  •     Talkzone is a new product from etisalat Nigeria that offers customers unbeatable and innovative services.
  •     Talkzone offers varying rates on calls to all networks in 9ja. This is referred to as dynamic tariff.
  •     Cell broadcast message, Last call notification and discount Inquiry are some of the innovative services that come with Talkzone.

 2.  How do I get on to Talkzone?
  •     It is easy to get on to Talkzone. As an existing etisalat customer, simply dial *244*8# on your easy starter, easy cliq or eliteworld prepaid lines to migrate to Talkzone.
  •     However, for a new customer, buy any SIM (easy starter or easy cliq), activate it by dialing 200, register it and then migrate to Talkzone by dialing *244*8#.
  •     Talkzone SIM is not available in the market you can only get on to Talkzone via migration.
  •     Migration to Talkzone is free for now.

 3. Can I migrate out of Talkzone?

    Yes. You can migrate to:
  •          Easy starter by dialing *244*2#.
  •         Easy cliq by dialing *244*1#
  •         Eliteworld prepaid by dialing *244*4*MMP#
    Note that while migration into Talkzone is free, migration out of Talkzone attracts normal charges.

 4. What is the call rate on Talkzone?
  •     Talkzone offers 50k/s by default, however you can enjoy varying level of discounts; even up to 98% discount on your call.
  •     Note that the discount is applicable on call to etisalat lines and other networks in 9ja only.
  •     Normal international call rates apply on SMS, data usage and international calls.
    Likewise, discount is not applicable during roaming.

5. What do I need to do to enjoy the discount?

  •     Nothing. Once you migrate to Talkzone, you start to enjoy different levels of discount on your calls.
  •     The discount you get depends on the time of the day you are making the call and the location where the call is being made.
  •     In fact, if you are making all your calls from a particular location, your discount changes every hour of the day. However, if you move around, your discount changes from location to location.
    For example: If you are in your house, the discount you get on calls made in the morning is different from the discount you get in the afternoon. Likewise, the discount you get in location A may be different from the discount you get in location B within the same hour.

 6. If I initiate a call from a location and I move to another location of lower discount while on the call, what discount will I get?

The applicable discount in the location where you initiated the call will apply on the call irrespective of the duration of the call.

7. Does it now mean that I will always get discount on all the calls I make anywhere in Nigeria?

  •     No. You will get discount on national calls only. Discount is not applicable on international calls and calls made during roaming.
  •     Migration to Talkzone is possible anywhere in Nigeria and you will enjoy discount on your calls whenever you are making calls from any state in 9ja

  8. How do I know the applicable discount in my location?

    You can know the applicable discount in your location either via cell broadcast message or discount inquiry.
    In addition, after your call, you can confirm your call charges via Last Call Notification.

  9. What is Cell Broadcast Message?

  •     Cell broadcast message is a flash message that shows on the screen of your phone.
  •     The message informs you about the applicable discount from your current location.
  •     The display reads as follow 50%,10% discount. Dial *244*8#. This means that you can get 50% discount on calls to etisalat lines while calls to other networks in 9ja attracts 10% discount.
  •     Although, all etisalat customers can receive the cell broadcast message, but only Talkzone customers will enjoy the discount.

10.  I cannot see the cell broadcast message on my phone, why?

  •     Cell broadcast message is phone dependent. This means that your phone should support the service; otherwise you will not receive the flash message.
  •     On the other hand, there are some phones that support the service, but you are required to turn-on the service before you can receive the message. Whereas, on some phones, the service is enabled by default; i.e. there is no need to turn it on before the message is received.

11.   How do I enable cell broadcast on my phone?

  •     There is no standard way of turning on cell broadcast on all phone types; it varies from phone to phone.
  •     Taking Blackberry as an example, the steps below allows you to turn-on your cell broadcast message.
        On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon
         Click Device > Advanced Options > Cell Broadcasting
         Select the Enable Cell Broadcasting check box.
        In case you are prompted for the channel, enter 50.
        Then, create the second channel by entering 60
        Select the check box beside a language.
        Press the Menu key > Save.

 12. Why am I receiving the cell broadcast message as SMS?

  •     The way you receive cell broadcast message depends on the type of phone you are using.
    Different phones receive cell broadcast message differently. On some phones:
        It comes as a scrolling flash message.
        The flash message is not fully displayed.
        It comes as SMS

13. How often does the cell broadcast message change?
  •     Whenever there is an update in the available discount the discount displayed is updated.
  •     Also, whenever you change your location, the discount is updated.
    However, experience has shown that some phones take time to respond to the update. Therefore, the display still reads the previous discount. This is why it is important to use discount inquiry service to confirm the applicable discount before making a call.

14. What is Discount Inquiry Service?

  •     This is another innovative service from etisalat. With discount inquiry, you can check the applicable discount in a location at a given time before making a call.
  •     This service is available only on Talkzone.
  •     Upon dialing *551#, you will receive a notification informing you of the applicable discount as follow. Dear Customer, you are entitled to 30% discount on etisalat calls and 10% discount on calls to other networks in 9ja from this location.

15.   How much will I be charged for this service?

Discount inquiry service is free of charge.

16.  What is Last Call Notification (LCN)?

  •     Last Call Notification (LCN) is another innovative flash message service from etisalat that provides you with detailed information about your last call.
  •     At the end of each call, the notification pops up immediately on the screen of your phone.
    You cannot enjoy this service if you are not on Talkzone.

17. How do I get this service?
  •     LCN is available by default. However, you can decide to turn it off, and turn it on again at no cost.
  •     To turn off LCN, dial *555*2#.
  •     To turn it on, dial *555*1#.
  •     To confirm the status of your LCN, whether it is on or not, dial *555#.

18. After migration into Talkzone, will I still get my weekly 15MB?

  •     No. You can only get weekly 15MB on easy cliq.
    Similarly, the following services are not available on Talkzone.
        ==>>  You & Me
        ==>>  Bonus on incoming calls
       ==>>   Easylife 2.0
        ==>>  Cliq 4 d week
        ==>>  Cliq 4 d day
        ==>>  Swift storm
        ==>>   Homezone

19. Will I lose the balance on my line if I migrate to Talkzone?

  •     No. You will not lose your account balance. Both main and promo account balances will be available.
    However, the ability to use your promo account balance depends on the applicable rules. For example, if you have 13 MB free data before you migrate to Talkzone, you will still be able to use the free data after migration, provided it has not expired. On the other hand, if you have You & Me free seconds before migration; the free seconds will still be available after migration. But, you will not be able to use it because there is no You & Me number on Talkzone. Therefore, the balance will be there until it expires. Nevertheless, if you happen to migrate back to your previous package (easy starter) before the free seconds expire, you will be able to use the free seconds.

I hope this helps.


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