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Tuesday, 16 September 2014


How To Withdraw Your Money From eaZyMoney Account.

In my previous post, I talked about how you can receive and send money to your love ones using Zenith Bank Easy Money.

But in this article, I m going to show you how you can withdraw your money from your Eazy Money Account. If you already own an Eazy Money account and you feel like withdrawing the cash you have there, simply walk into any eaZymoney designated Agent outlet or Zenith Bank branch.

Steps to Cash-out from your wallet: 

1. Go to eaZymoney Agent or a Zenith Bank branch and request for Cash-out.

2. To proceed with the Cash Out you will need the Agent's eaZymoney ID.

3. Call up the eaZymoney menu (either via *966# Shortcode, Sim Based App or (Smart) phone app),
    now go to ‘Account’ option in the eaZymoney application and select ‘Cash-Out.’

4. Input Agent Code, Cash-Out Amount, and you may or may not add a description for the Cash-Out.

5. You will be presented with a confirmation message; select ‘Confirm’ to proceed.

6. Provide your PIN and complete the transaction.

7. You will get an SMS on completion informing you of your new eaZymoney balance.

8. The agent will also get a confirmation that he has received cash from your mobile number

9. You can now collect your cash and receipt from your agent.

eaZy Tip: Always ask the Agent for your transaction receipt.

To Check Balance Of your Account:

1.   Go to ‘Account’ option on the eaZymoney menu, click on the Option ‘Check Balance’ or Balance Enquiry

2.   Select eaZymoney or Bank.

3.  Input PIN and select 'ok'.

4.  The current balance in the selected account will be displayed on the screen.

Thats all.

I hope this helps.


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