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Monday, 25 August 2014


Glo EasyShare: How To Share Your Call Credit With AnyOne.

With Glo Easyshare, Glo subscribers can now easily share their Call credit to anyone using Glo network. This is one of the recently introduced package for Glo subscribers. Glo Easyshare enables you to share your credit with your family and friends instantly. The credit will be transferred and be credited to your friends Glo mobile Number immediately. If you are using Glo network, and you have been looking for way to share your credit with your loved ones, just follow these steps:

How To Share Your Call Credit With AnyOne Using Glo Easyshare

To Transfer Credit,
 dial *131*MSISDN of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#.

example, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N75 to a customer with MSISDN 08155570458, then you dial *131*08155570458*75*12345#.

You will receive notification via text message once the transfer is completed. Default password is 00000.

You can also learn how to share your data with friends on Glo here.


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