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Thursday, 17 July 2014


List of All Nigerian Newspapers Online

Newspaper is just a printed publication of latest news and events, articles, entertainment gist's from Media industries. These publication usually comes daily, weekly or monthly as the case many be. Online Newspaper is  just a newspaper that is published online.

Nowadays, all Nigerian newspapers publishes their articles and news online for internet viewers. in today's world, one don't really need to buy the physical Newspapers before you can know what its happening in the world. You can visit any of the newspaper's websites and still get all the new they published that day.

In this article, I will be publishing all the Nigerian Newspapers websites that I have come across. If there is any newspaper website in Nigeria that was not capture in this article, feel free to add it using the comment section.

Here's a list of Nigerian Newspapers on the internet. Simply visit their websites and read them online.

1) BusinessDay -

2) Business World -

3) Champion -

4) Compass -

5) Daily Independent -

6) Daily Trust -

7) Hallmark -

8) Leadership -

9) National Accord -

10) National Daily -

11) National Mirror -

12) Newswatch -

13) Nigerian Pilot -

14) PM News -

15) Punch -

16) The Abuja Inquirer -

17) The Guardian -

18) The Nation -

19) The Sun -

20) ThisDay -

21) Tribune -

22) Vanguard -

23) SaraReporters-

Do you know any other Nigerian Newspaper that is not listed here, share it with us at the comment section.

I hope this helps.


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