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Thursday, 17 July 2014


How To Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria

Although there are many online stores in Nigeria where you can buy goods and have it delivered to your house, there's still a need for Nigerians to buy some everyday items from other countries especially USA. Many of us are still not satisfied with Nigerian online stores due to non-availability of some items in their stores. Assuming if you want to buy a neat used phones that is cheaper then you have no other choice, than to buy from US stores like Amazons.

However, buying goods from amazon has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of shopping on Amazon is that they do not delivery goods to Nigeria. This has been a great issues bordering most of Nigerians shopping at Amazon website.

This article will show you how to solve the above named problem. You can buy from Amazon store with ease and have your goods delivered to your door steps within 2-10 working days.

Introducing... Goods (parcel) forwarding companies. What do they actually do? Simple - they help you shop without borders. Most of them operate by giving you a unique U.S address to key in as your shipping address when purchasing something from a U.S online store like Amazon. Amazon  sends your item to your U.S address; the company receives the item then forward it to you in Nigeria for a small fee.

There are lots of parcel or Goods forwarding companies out there but I recommend for two main reasons: They are efficient and reliable trusted company used by a good number of Nigerian shoppers and it's very affordable.

How works works in 4 easy steps:

1) Visit the site and get your U.S address: Simple go to for your unique U.S address. To get your U.S address, you have to register with and pay a one-time setup fee of N1,600 ($10) for standard membership. After registration, you get your U.S address almost immediately.

2) Shop online and use your U.S address as your shipping address: Shop at Amazon website and use your MyUS address as your "Ship To" address. Amazon website accepts Nigerian credit cards. Simply pay for the goods with your Naira card and use your MyUs address as your shipping address.

3) receives your package: When your package arrives at their facility (your U.S address), they log it into your account and immediately send you an email notification with the sender’s name, weight of the package and the date & time it was received. Every package is repackaged and where applicable, multiple-store orders are consolidated into the same package to save you money. They also inspect the package for you to ensure that it is in good condition; if not, they can return the package if you want them to.

4) Your package is delivered to your doorstep: Depending on your preference, your goods will be sent to your Nigerian address as soon as they arrive in their warehouse. Their delivery charge depends on the total weight of your package. Generally, you'll get a better deal if you ship heavy (numerous) items. For example, they charge about N9000 for 1kg and about N35,000 for 10kg (that is N3,500 per kg). They'll deliver within 2 to 10 working days via DHL or FedEx. The moment your shipment leaves their warehouse, you will be notified by e-mail and can monitor your package's progress with their real-time Package Tracker.

Note: You will incur additional charges if your package spends more than 5 days in their warehouse.

Now you can buy whatever you want from Amazon online store and get it to your doorstep within 10 working days.

I hope this helps.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing those shopping tips for customers in Nigeria, I am new to this forwarding service, and checked, but why they charge membership fee so high? There are other package forwarding services that offer free US address, like ,how should we make the choice?

    1. Good question, I checked that company and they have a page with a comparison on this actually, , if you are only concerned about reliablity, you can go with MyUS, if you are also concerned about money, you can try USGoBuy of course.