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Wednesday, 18 June 2014


How To Open and Verify Paypal Account in Nigeria Using GTB Master Card

With great joy, I signed up on PAYPAL this morning. Finally, grace has come to Nigeria.  If you are living in Nigeria, you can now confidently open and verify PayPal account without hiding your IP.

This is really good news to most Nigerian who have been doing business online without PayPal account. There are so many online business but most of them requires Paypal account. This has made doing  Online business here in Nigeria very difficult. I have personal written to PayPal couple of times in that past, letting them know that many Nigerians really need this.  I was surprised this morning when one of my friends called me this morning, telling me that PayPal has finally included Nigeria and other 9 countries just last night. With PayPal, you can pay and collect funds online and have it deposited in your bank account here in Nigeria.

As at the time of writing the article, PayPal only allows Nigerians to only send money. I believe that in no distant time, Nigerians can start receiving money via PayPal too.

Below is How I Opened and Verified My Nigerian PayPal Account using GTB Master Card

1)  Visit PayPal at

2)  Click on Sign Up

3) Under Individual account, and click Open account

4)  Fill in the all the details including your Master Card details. (In my case, i used my GTB Master Card details)

To Verify your PayPal Account

Follow these simple steps:

=>>  Firstly, log in to your PayPal account and make sure you entered the correct billing address for your card.

=>>  Secondly, check your email for the 'Welcome to Paypal' email sent into the email address you used in opening your PayPal account. There is a 'Link Your Card' link inside that email; click on that link to activate your Paypal account, then follow the prompt and log into your paypal account.

=>>  In your account follow the step by step instruction making sure your card details and billing address are correct, then click 'Continue'.

=>>  If your card details are correct, PayPal will deduct $1.95 from your account with an instruction to look out from an alert from your bank in 2-3 days time. My GTB alert took less than 1 hour to arrive on my phone.

The message in the bank alert goes thus " Acct""""""""""""""""""""1234 The naira equivalent of USD 1.95 has been approved for the transaction done on PP"1234CODE 5678364577 LU

=>>  Thirdly, Log back into your Paypal account and click either the 'Verify' tab at the top of your Paypal account statement or 'Confirm your card' link in the right hand column of your Papal account.

=>>  Doing either of the two will take you to a window where you'll be required to enter the four digit code in the alert message sent to you by your bank. Enter the 4 digit numbers preceding CODE in the SMS alert; its 1234 in the sample SMS given above.

After entering the 4 digit code in the space provide, scroll down and click the 'Confirm Card' tab.

That's it!

You've successfully verified your Nigerian Paypal account and you can now shop all over the world with that your ATM card without any merchant turning you down each time you choose the Paypal payment option.

Verifying your account also lifts the limit off the $500 spending limit on unverified accounts.

I hope this helps those who are having issues with verifying their Nigerian Paypal accounts.


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