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Sunday, 8 June 2014


Bride Price App: Online Game That Calculates Bride Price.

There are so many online games that can put smiles on people's face.  One of such Online game is a Bride Price App Calculator. This app came online last week of May 2014, and it really has gone viral. What marvels me about this App is the way it gain popularity within the short span of time. With Bride Price App, You can Find the true value of your bride price and that of your friends and enemies. It calculates users' value as potential wife by analyzing certain criteria such as physical appearance,cooking skills and education.

Bride Price App was designed by Nigerian Company called Anakle, and it has a disclaimer page that says that this app is just a joke.

So if you really want to play this game, know it that this is just a joke. Bride Price users are asked to answer simple questions about themselves or people they would like to evaluate as potential brides.

Questions range from; height, "facial beauty", skin colour: light skin is worth 40,000Naira ( £146), while dark skin 20,000Naira (£73) to education, nationality and accent (English attracting the highest value of 45,000Naira (£165).

After the questionnaire is completed, the following phrase pops us: "Please wait, the elders are consulting."

Then the price is revealed.

Some of my friends have answered the whole questions and the results they got differs.

Results are very interesting, ranging from; "Super Premium Babe", to "Make Sense Babe" (someone with average physical features, flawed skin, tattoos and tendency to party hard) worth 276,000Naira (£1012).

Infact one of my Facebook friends claim that she got the result that says "The elders are fasting on your behalf. Please see the elders in private"

Here are our "certificates" with monetary value as calculated by the Elders:

As at the time of writing this article, Bride Price App is only available for Nigerians and Kenya. According to the company, there is hope that it will be extended to more than 56 countries across the globe.

What do think about this Bride Price App and what is your monetary value as calculated by the Elders?



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