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Monday, 9 June 2014


5 Best APP That Increases The Speed of Your Android Phones / Tablets.

If you have been using Android Phones or Tablet, you would have noticed that at some point, your device become very slow. This is because of the App caches, residual files, junk files, Garbage files that has been accumulated on your device over a long period of time. Hence this makes the Android device to slow down after some time.  So there is a need for you to be cleaning and maintaining your Android phones from time to time.

Maintaining a clean Android device will always make your device to be fast and efficient there by given you more available space you can work with. In addition, the optimization reduces the system burden by freeing up more resources as a result you can get faster performance and smoother operation from your device. In this article, We have listed the best five apps that will help you to maintain your android devices.

1)  Clean Master:

    Clean Master is all-in-one Android Apps that have the cleaning and optimizing tools and maintenance tools in a single place. Clean master is the one of the best clean and maintenance tool for Android. It will help you to clean app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps. Compare to other apps in this category, it has more tools in one environment to easy to use.

Clean App Cache module will clear the cache files that has been created by the All Apps. If you are having the Android Phone that has low internal storage, Use the Clean App cache module to get more space. Your Android phone may slow down when your device is having the low internal memory.

Download Clean Master here 

2)  Advanced Task Manager 

Advanced Task Manager can list all the running tasks, and you can select some to kill it. It also has the App management tool to manage all the installed apps. This app will help you to Kill tasks, free memory, speed up phone, save battery.  This app automatically kills the tasks every time your screen off. In addition, this app has the quick uninstaller and battery manager.

The battery Manger module will display the battery status and battery life. Use this to know you current battery status and play with your phone according to that battery stats.

Android Optimizer feature will manage and optimize the Android device by killing the unnecessary background processes, services. It will clear the unused RAM memory that has been allocated by the unused Apps. If you feel lag in your Android device, use this module to get faster Android phones.

GPS feature is useful for navigation and location-based services. However, some Location App services will use the GPS in heavy mode and drain out your battery in no time. At that time, you can use this Kill GPS feature in this app to kill the apps that used the GPS services.

 Download Advanced Task Manager here

3)  Android Booster 

Android Booster is your Android assistant to clean and maintain your smartphone or tablet. It will optimize your device in the best possible way that will automatically y improve the Android system performance.  So far, this has been downloaded by more than millions of times, and now it is available for free in Play store.

Android booster has the  battery manager utilities for your Android phone and has one click optimization feature that will optimize your device completely. In addition, this app has the file manager, app manager and Network Manger tools. Also, this app provides Antivirus tools such as virus scanner and Privacy protector.

Download Android Booster

4)  App Cache Cleaner

Similar to most applications we’ve mentioned today, the App Cache Cleaner houses identical attributes and a few extra features. To obtain a proper and smooth functioning device, an appropriate amount of internal ROM storage is crucial. And the only way to attain this is by clearing apps that have created cache and data files. For carrying out these operations, this application comes with an auto clear selection that can be programmed to wipe off all cached files whenever you run the tool or specify an interval. By looking at the list of all the installations arranged in an orderly manner based on size or name, accessing details and other options should be much more convenient.

App Cache cleaner is the handy tool, that will clean up all your application cache of all your applications. This app has the one tab cleanup feature that clean all cached files for getting more available space. This tool can free a lot of storage memory for your phone. If you running out of application storage, you now can get more available storage space by clearing apps created cache/data files.

Download App Cache Cleaner

5)     Startup Manager

Startup Manager helps you disable undesirable system startup entries when your phone or tablet boots. It monitors and shows the  list of start-up apps and resources. To disable an item from system startup, uncheck the application from the list. You can also re-enable the apps or resources using  this startup manger’s system startup entries list. You can uncheck all startup entries in bulk to enhance system startup speed. If you want only enable particular app,  simply enable it in the startup entries.

Download StartUp Manager Here 

 Do you know any other apps that help you optimize your android devices? Share it here.


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