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Thursday, 15 May 2014


How To Send Data as a Gift To Your Friends on MTN Network.

Sending a gift to your friends and family does not limited to physical product. Nowadays, you can send data as a form of gift to anybody using MTN Network. Last week I talked about how to send data as a gift to your friends on Glo network, but today I will show you how to do the same on MTN Network.

So you don't really need to spend much in other to put smile on your friends face. Just send a simple gift like "data" and your friend will really appreciate it.

The good thing with this is that MTN will let your friend know that it is you that sent him/ her the gift.

Data Gifting service allows you to send a data bundle to your friends and loved ones, by simply paying for the data bundle on behalf of the person.

Data Gifting can also be used to send data to your other smartphones, modems and iPad.

How to send Data as a Gift Plan:
Option 1 (SMS):

1. Register for the Data Gifting service by sending keyword REG to 131; you will receive a unique authentication PIN

2. Text keyword "GIFT [MSISDN][Data Bundle Code][PIN] " to 131. E.g Gift 0803xxxxxxxx 106 0000.
Where 106 is the code of 100MB monthly plan and 0000 is your PIN"

Option 2 (USSD):

Dial *131# and follow the menu

Thats all.


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