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Friday, 9 May 2014


How To Manually Clean Up Your Whiteboard Picture

If sometimes you notice that photos of the whiteboard you snap with your Camera does not come out so good and clear despite the fact that you have an excellent camera, then you need to make a little adjustment to the camera settings. Most times, Camera settings are really not so perfect when capturing a whiteboard photos.

One thing you need to do in other to improve the quality of Whiteboard photos is to go to the manual settings of the camera. After i adjusted mine, I was able to get a clearer photos of the whiteboard shots.

To Adjust the Camera settings follow these steps

=>>  Go to your camera’s manual settings,

=>>  choose EV (Exposure Value) and set it to +1 or +2 as the case may be.

=>>  Then click Ok.

After you have adjusted the camera settings, just take a shot and compare it with the prevoius photos you had, you will see notice that the later is more clearer.



Another way to clean up whiteboard pictures is via email.
 If you are not so comfortable in adjusting your camera settings, you and follow this steps.

=>>  Capture the whiteboard pictures with your mobile camera

=>> send the picture as an email attachment to the following email address please[at]

=>> Wait for a minute or two. You will get a better version of the whiteboard pictures, very clean and readable.

When you send the Image, the Unwhiteboard service uses the ImageMagick command install on the photo to clean up your Whiteboard captures but on their own server. In other words you don’t have to install anything on your system nor do anything.

I hope this helps.


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