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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Glo Borrow Me Credit - How To borrow Airtime From Glo

With Glo Borrow Me Credit, Glo users can borrow credit or Airtime from Glo Network

The amount one can borrow largely depends on past average monthly usages of the customers. Glo customers will have to first of all, send a short code to Glo indicating how much credit he or she wants to borrow.

Customer will repay back the credit he or she borrowed by recharging his/ her account and credit airtime will be deducted from his balance.

Nowadays, You can borrow credit network operations in Nigeria are making things more easier for their customers by allowing customers to borrow credit (Airtime) from them and pay back on next recharge within a specified period.

There are so many reasons why customers will like to borrow credit when ever he or she runs out of credit to make calls. Sometimes, there are situations when customer cannot go out to buy recharge card; during late night hours, while traveling, etc.

 Under these emergency situations customer is not able to make call due to low balance and there is opportunity loss for the network. So in this post i shall be discussing how to borrow credit from Glo using Glo Borrow Me Credit.

How To borrow Airtime From Glo
First, you start by dialing *321#, this will prompt you to create a pin and confirm it. Thereafter, you choose from any of the below short codes depending on the amount you qualify for.

*321*PIN*50# for N50,
*321*PIN*100# for N100,
*321*PIN*200# for N200,
*321*PIN*500# for N500
*321*PIN*1000# for N1000

How To Check How Much You Qualify for when borrowing from Glo
For you to borrow credit from Glo, You need to have been a loyal and consistent subscriber on Glo for at least 4 months and have a good usage history.
Below is a table showing how much you can borrow and what qualify you to borrow each amount.

Denomination (N)            Average Monthly Usage (N)

50                                        200
100                                      400
200                                      800
500                                      2000
1000                                    5000

I hope this helps.

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