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Thursday, 15 May 2014


Do You Know Your Web Browser Comes with Scientific Calculator

I can bet you that you may not know that your web browser has a Scientific Calculator which works offline. If you have been using Google search box in browser for calculations, you should consider the default inbuilt calculator that comes with your browser.  With this, you can solve complex expressions which involves trigonometry and logarithmic functions.

 This calculator can be found on all the browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, under the Development Tools.

 How To Use Browser as Calculator.

 In Mozilla Firefox, Press Ctrl + Shift + K to access the console. in Google Chrome, use CRTL + Shift + J, then in IE press F12 to access the console respectively.

 You can solve any mathematical expression by typing it at the command prompt and you will get the answer immediately you hit the Enter key.

 If your are solving Maths function, always remember to append "Maths" infront of the function name. example is shown below

 Math.sqrt(512) + Math.pow(2, 6)
Math.log(10000, 10)

Give this a try and lets know what you think.

I hope this helps.


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