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Monday, 12 May 2014


5 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Many Nigerians that run blogs and websites like hosting with Nigerian web hosting companies. This is mainly due to the fact that web hosting companies in Nigeria has really improved a lot both in efficiency and reliability. Also, you don’t really need any online transactions before you secure a domain, as all payments / transactions are made in Nigeria banks and money paid in Naira. Moreover, its a lot more cheaper to host locally than hosting with an International firm. With as low as N2,500 you can register and host a domain.

Over here in Nigeria, there are so many web hosting companies that will collect your money in exchange for hosting your blogs, photos, webapps. So if you are looking for a good web hosting company to host your digital life, there are some things you really have to look out for before you choose one. The main important things you need to look out for includes 99.99% uptime, flexibility, support when you need help, cost tools, bandwidth and storage. Like i said before, there are dozens of great companies here in Nigeria that are looking for your business, so in this article i m going to look at the best of Five.

This review is based on our personal dealings with some of them and also based on our readers experience.  Below are the Top 5 best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Whogohost is one of the web hosting companies in Nigeria that is very popular, offering both shared and Reseller plans starting as low as N2,500/year for shared hosting and N10,000/year for Reseller plan for customers with larger bandwidth and availability needs. Whogohost has a good reputation for customer supports and one-click installs for blogging software. Whogohost also offer valuable features like: unlimited email accounts, support for Google apps, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, and more. Customer support is always available when you need it. You can check out all of Whogohost plans here.

Qservers starts its shared hosting plans at N2500/year, and for the money you get 4G bandwidth, 1G disk space, unlimited file transfer, one-click installs for blogging software, and more. They also offer Reseller plans. You can check out all of Qservers features here.

Syskay starts its shared hosting plans at N6000/year, and for the money you get 20G bandwidth, 5G disk space, unlimited file transfer, one-click installs for blogging software, and more. They also offer Reseller plans. You can check out all of Syskay's features here.

You can host your blogs or photo gallery with Weblagos. They offer shared plans, Reseller plans, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers starting as low as N4,500/year for shared hosting. But unlike other hosting companies that offer only shared and reseller hosting solutions, Weblagos offers Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) where you spin up a virtual server with the memory, disk space, and file transfer that you need for whatever application you're building or web site you're hosting. Some users even use their Weblagos servers as remote desktop replacements, others use it as private, cloud-based application servers, and others use them to host their webapps, developed applications, and blogs. You can check out all weblagos's offerings here.

Mcreal starts its shared hosting plans at N10,000/year, and for the money you get 60G bandwidth, 25G disk space, unlimited file transfer, one-click installs for blogging software, and more. They also offer Reseller, VPS, Dedicated Hosting plans. You can check out all of Mcreal's features here.

These are our top 5 web hosting companies in Nigeria. Do you any other Nigerian web hosting companies that is so good? Please share it in the comment section.

You can check out our next post on how to host your website free on Google. 


  1. I absolutely love Syskay. I've been using them for some time now and it supports my high traffic. I m very happy with their services and good customer supports. Currently I have 4 sites that are hosted on Syskay servers and every month each of the sites have over 6 millions page views and Syskay never complains.
    Previously i have had problems with different Nigeria Web hosting companies. Syskay? No worries.
    I can't say enough good about Syskay. Seriously, for grown-up webhosting, it's the way to go.

  2. I've been with Whogohost for 3 years now and have never had a serious problem with them... Like you just said, they are really number one. My thump goes to them.

  3. I'm on Syskay, and while I like it (24/7 customer support), I've had a little issues with them (downtime and cost issues). Their servers are not so strong to accommodate high traffic.
    Couple of months ago, i was told by Syskay customer representative that i should move my blog to another web hosting companies, that they can no longer host my website due to high traffic. Then another thing i don't really like about Syskay is Cost. Recently they scrap out the N2500 plan and currently have N6000 plan as the lowest plan which is too high for so many.

    Honestly, I would only recommend them because they have good customer support. I don't really know if Syskay s better than any of the others on the list, because I have not personally tried others.

  4. I actually switched to Smartweb Nigeria them after learning about them in from my friend. They are also good and i m surprise that they didn't make it to your list.

  5. I am a big fan of WHOGOHOST and have several accounts with them.

  6. Nice article, an interesting subject and thanks for sharing.

    When it comes to web hosting in Nigeria, it can be pretty difficult separating the wheat from the chaff.

    Very few quality Nigeria web hosting companies out there and plenty of low-class ones that dominate the industry, over shadowing the few quality ones, leaving innocent and inexperienced web hosting consumers at the mercy of get rich quick web hosts.

  7. For me Qservers are just the best. Can't even think of using any other host.

  8. I'd have titled this "5 Most Popular web hosting companies in Nigeria". In my opinion, high popularity doesn't necessarily mean best. There are quite a few companies around and coming up and until you give them a try, you never can tell.

  9. Check out and our hosting plans. Our hosting packages are ideal for any webmaster. You will have rest of mind when you are with us and the features of our packages are good and our services are affordable and qualitative. With 3500 Naira as the lowest.

  10. It's nice to know that the Nigerian web hosting companies are stepping up. I use Host Nigeria and I love everything about the company. They have great customer services and are technically sounded too. I personally rate them No1 just for the quality of their services. I am South African I am the head of my company's IT here in Nigeria.

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  13. Thanks for sharing this list. DomainKG and Syskay are some of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria