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Thursday, 15 May 2014


15 Best Places To Find High Quality Photos For Free

Good Quality pictures and Photos is really what makes the internet more interesting. With a quality photos, you can add more life to articles and also a better user engagement. Although you can get good photos by doing search on Google, but its really not a better way to get good quality images because Google don't usually show you the best of best. So if you have been using Google for search images and you aint getting the quality images you need, then check out these high traffic sites that have a lot of images and photos. These images are free to use and licensed under Creative Commissions licenses

Here are some of the best websites where you may find high-quality photos for free.

1. (Unsplash) – That is my preferred website for downloading sharp pictures. Subscribe to the email newsletter and you’ll get ten photos in your inbox every ten days. All pictures are under the CC0 license which means they are in public domain plus that you're free to make use of them in any manner you like.

2. (LIFE) – The Google images website hosts millions of historical photographs from the LIFE library. You can add source:life to any query in Google image search to find these images and they are free for personal, non-commercial use.

3. (The British Library) –

4. (Picjumbo) –

5. (Pixabay)

6. (Public Domain Archive)

7. (Wikimedia Commons)

8. (Super Famous)

9. (New Old Stock)

10. (Stock Exchange)

11. (Morgue File)

12. (Getty Images)

13. (Public Domain Photos)

14. (IM Free)

15. (Photo Pin)

Do you know any other place to find a high quality photos for free?


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