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Thursday, 10 April 2014


Top 10 Online Tools For Analysing Any Website

Once in while,  you may have wished or tried to know more information about a website. Probably, you wanted to know who and who are the really owner of the website, where is the website hosted, how does the website looked in the past and how many backlinks does the site current has.

 If you are among the people who really want to know more about a website, relax, I will share with you top 10 online tools you can use to analyze any website.

Below are top 10 Online Tools You can Use

 1) Majestic SEO: With Majestic online tools, you can quickly get the total number of External backlinks, Referring domains and IPs, Trust flow and citation flow of any web site. You can also you a keyword research to know the strength of any keyword.

 2) This will help you to contact address, email and phone number of the owner of the website. You can go wrong with this tool as it queries the whois database of all popular domain registrars to get the contact details of the owner.

 3) — With this, you will know where any website is hosted and also the the name name of the hosting company that did the hosting. This usually come handy when you want to contact the web hosting provider for writing a DMCA Notice or if you are looking to switch web hosts.

 4) — If you want to know whether a website is accessible from a particular country, then this tool comes to play.

 5) — Get other websites own by the same person. This tool looks the whois details, the AdSense publisher ID and the Google Analytics code of websites to determine other website domains that may belong to the same owner.

 6) - Know how a website looked in the past. This online tool caputures the look of websites and store it in its database. If you want to know how a website look in the past, this is the very online tool to use.

 7) With this tool you can analyze  your competitors' profitable keywords and use it to your own benefit. This tools exposes so many SEO features of any websites.

 8) This is also another good backlink checker. You can check any website and see the where the site is getting its backlinks.

 9) — If you wish to analyze your competitor’s website, this is tool to go with. SEMrush will help you figure what organic keywords are people using to find a website, what is the site’s traffic and which are the competing websites. See example.

 10) — – The AdSense sandbox solves two problems – it shows the various advertisers that are targeting a website and it will also help you figure out if a particular web domain is banned in the AdSense network or not.


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