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Sunday, 27 April 2014


Latest Spectranet Abuja Subscription Plans and Codes

This afternoon, as I visited Spectranet office here in Abuja to renew my subscription plan for my internet connectivity, behold, I was told by Spectranet customer representative that subscription plans has changed.

In one of my previous post I shared, I talked about the Spectranet subscription plan. Spectranet has modified  all the plans which makes it better and affordable. In this post, I will be sharing with you Spectranet latest Subscription plans for Abuja Residence.

In case if you are not aware, Spectranet subscription plans differ based on the location and at the time of writing this article, they only exist in Abuja and Lagos for now. 

Below is the latest Abuja subscription Plan

24x7 Plans
Plan Name                      Validity       Data volume   
Monthly Subscription
Excess Neo 5000               30 Days         5GB                 N5000

Excress Value 7000             30 Days         10GB              N7000
Excess Value 8500             30 Days         20GB               N85000
Excess Value 9500             30 Days         25GB               N9500
Excess Smart14500           30 Days         40GB               N14,500

Excess Smart 17500          30 Days         50GB               N17,500
Excess Smart 23500          30 days          70GB              N23,500

Business Plan
Plan Name                      Validity       Data volume            Cost
Excess Premium                 30 Days          120GB                N54000

Nite Plan
Plan Name               Time          Validity       Data volume          
Knight 5000*           6pm- 8am      30 Days            20GB                N5000
Knight 7000*           6pm-8am       30 days            40GB                 N7000

Knight 9500 *          5pm - 9am     30 days            55GB                 N9500
Knight Cine 5000*   10pm - 8am    30 days           40 GB                N5000
Knight Cine 6000*   10pm - 8 am    30days           50 GB                N6000
(* Saturday and Sunday included 24x7)

Top Up
Plan Name                    Validity                                      Data volume         
Top up          Valid till Expiry date of the primary plan             2GB                    N1000


I hope this helps


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