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Thursday, 10 April 2014


How To Backup Blogger Blog and Templates.

If you are blogging on blogger platform and you don't have a back up copy of all your posts and comments saved somewhere, then you are doing something that you may regret later.

Its is well know fact that Blogger Automated Classification System usually delete blogs without prior notice to the owner of the blogger. Your blogs can be deleted without your notice and if such a thing happens to your blog, and you don't have any back up in place, then you have automatically lost all your work. So to be on the safe side, you have to be backing up your blog weekly or monthly depending on how frequently you update your blog.

With your back up you can easily set up a new blog and restore back all your posts and templates. You can also use the back up copy to setup new blog on wordpress in case if you choose to move to Wordpress platform.

 Its very easy to back up your blog posts and have it handy in case anything goes wrong.  To back up your blogger posts, follow these steps:

 =>>  Login to your Blogger Account

=>>   Create on my Blogs button

=>>    Click on Settings, then Other

=>>    click on Export Blog"

=>>   Click on Download blog and save the file ton your computer. The file is in .xml format.

With this .xml format, you can be rest assured that you can restore your blog post anytime you wish.

How to Backup your Blog Template

If you would like to save a copy of your Blogger Theme (or template), choose Template in your Blogger Dashboard and click the Backup button in the top right corner. This will again download the full template in XML format.

If your a blogger, always remember to back up your blog posts and comments you accidentally delete some old blog post or if Google blocks your blog due to policy violations – at least you’ll have a local copy of all the content that you may publish elsewhere.

Thats all. 


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