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Monday, 28 April 2014


How I Made Over $800 in 7 days With Fiverr

I really don’t want to share this at first because its my own personal way I use to make quick money from internet. But after much thought and considering the fact that I will like  my readers to succeed in their online ventures, I decided to let the cat out of the bag.

If you really want to make money online within the next 2 days from now, you need to pay attention to this.  One of the reasons why I like this method is because  there are few people doing it, there by, the competition level here is too low.

 I' m aware that so many people make money online using different methods but they can’t make as much money as you will make if you follow my instruction step by steps.  I’m also aware that, on every money making tips, there are people who will complain that the method does not work.  Don’t fall to such category of the people.

I believe you must have heard about Fiverr. But in-case if you have not, it’s a place that you get paid for doing a job for someone. All jobs are charged at $5 flat rate, and you will be paid $4 per each job you completed for someone that the owner of the site will go with $1.  Although $5 is small, but it usually scale up when you have a massive orders.

Many people make money on Fiverr by setting up a gig and other people will order the gig, but as for me, I do the opposite.

My method of making money with Fiverr is doing Fiverr Reselling. This method only requires time with no investment. This is basically reselling the Fiverr Gigs for more than 5 dollars. There are many gigs listed on Fiverr but most of them are completely nonsense. You have to look out for a quality gig.

Below are step by step approach to make money online with Fiverr.

1)     Pick a good Quality (not quantity) gigs. Make sure gigs worth more than $5.

2)    Find a free website builder (e.g) weebly.  Personally, I use weebly as I using keep everything 100% free. You can choose to go with a paid domain name if you wish.
After that add a catchy title to your blog,for example, "Create a Professional Video For Your Business" .
Then in the body of your website just write a quick few lines on creating a professional video.  Include a few images and just make the whole website look so simple. Also add how long it will take you to deliver the order. Assuming, the gig says 1 day delivery, then on your website, you have to put 3 days delivery. (And why did you say 3 days delivery, when the gig says 1 day? If the seller fails to deliver in 1day on Fiverr, you just need another day or two to be on the safe side of things.)

3)    So by now you have set up a website and added content for the services you want to sell. Also, made the website look attractive. Next thing, is promotion. You need to promote your website via any means you take think of.

4)    After you have done all your promotion, just wait and see.  You can use Paypal to collect your payment. You can also use 2Checkout or Plimus , they are all good.

  Whenever you get a sale on your website, contact the seller of the gig and place the order immediately. Once the seller delivers the gig to you, then you deliver the service immediately to your client. In this way you are serving as the mid-person between the seller and the client. And you can seller the gig at any price you wish.

I hope this helps.

What method do you use in making money with Fiverr?


  1. I really want to explore Fiverr, but it is not for me. I really hate promoting your gigs and don’t know when to get any responses. May be perhaps I did it wrong, but now I am going to try again with these tips on mind. Thanks for sharing this post! ;)

    1. Munna, Yes, try these tips i mentioned here, you will see a tremendous change with your earnings.

  2. Fiver is a very good place for making money,thanks for sharing.

  3. Fiverr is nice and good source of income