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Sunday, 16 March 2014


Quick Way To Know If an Email Address is Valid and Exsits

Probably you may have come across some email addresses and you wanted to know if the email addresses are valid or not. If you don't want to go through the stress of sending dummy email to the addresses and wait for some time to see if the message you sent will bounces back or not. Although this method really works but you need a more quicker way to verify if the email address is valid and exists.

Today I want to share with you a quicker way of checking whether an Email address is valid or not. First, visit the website of the email service and go to the login page. Then, you need to pretend as if you have lost the password of the your email address. Click on Forgotten password or Recover Password as the case may be. You will be asked to enter the email address. 

If the email address truly does not exists, the email service will let you know immediately by telling you that the username does not exists. This works on Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook. I have personally tried it on those 3 email services

For Gmail and Google Apps Accounts
Visit  the recovery page of Google" password assistance page here. then select the option of I don't know my Password. Enter the correct email address you want to verify and click on continue. If the email address does not exist , Google will let you know by displaying "No account found with that email address."

Another way to verify email address on Gmail is to go to sign up page of google at and pretend as if you are creating a new email address. If the email address exist, you will see a message saying that Someone already has that username.

For Live Accounts
Go to login page of Live at,  and choose "I forgot my password" option and enter the live email address. If you get an error saying The Microsoft account is incorrect then  it means that the email addresses does not exist.

For Yahoo page
Go to login page of Yahoo’s account recovery page at, and enter the email address you want to verify ( email address)  and click the Next button. If you get an error saying "We couldn’t match the Yahoo ID you entered with information in our database" that means the email addresses does not exist.

I hope this helps


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