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Sunday, 23 March 2014


How to Get 3-10% CashBack on all Your Asos Purchases Above any Discount

Although you can use any of the various discount codes or promo codes for all your ASOS purchases to reduce the cost of all your purchase at ASOS website, you can still get further 3-10% Cashback on all your orders. If you have been shopping at and you have not bee making use of Cashback, you are really pouring some cash down the drain.

In case if you don't know what ASOS is, ASOS is the UK largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer where over 40,000 top fashion brand showcase their quality product at a very low cost. Unlike other online shopping websites, ASOS does a free shipping and delivery to 190 countries including Nigeria.

To get up to 3 -10% further cash back follow this step

 You have to visit ASOS website through your Cashback account

Note:  Cashback is like an agent, a middle man, an affiliate that get commission from all purchase from ASOS but instead of keeping all the commission, they will pass it back to the buyer.

Whether you go through Cashback website or you visit ASOS directly from your web browser, you pay the same prices for each product. But when you visit ASOS through Cashback, Cashback will will get commission from ASOS and send that commission back to the you.

Click here to join Cashback for free and get Cashback on all your purchases on over 4000+ websites.


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