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Friday, 7 March 2014


How To Create a Blogger Contact Form.

Gone are the days when bloggers users have to tweak some blogger codes  or embed codes generated from third party html contact forms on their blog before you can generated a visitor's feedback contact form. What i m talking about here is specifically for those who are using blogspot to blog.

Not quite long, Blogger introduced a new widget call Contact form widget. With this new widget, bloggers can now easily implement visitor feedback contact form without tweaking any code. Blogger contact widget has no configuration options and it does not support sending uploads either files nor images. it only allows plain text to be sent and the receiver will see the message coming in from Although, the receiver will see the email of the sender in the body of the email.

After adding the blogger contact form on your blog, it will generates
Field for Name
Field for Email
Field for Message and
Send Button.

How To Add Blogger Contact Form Widget To Blogger Blogs
==> First of all Log on  to your blogger dashboard via

==> Next goto "Layout" and click on "Add a gadget"  link
==> Then Click on "More Gadgets"

==> Next Click on "Contact Form" and Save.

==> "Contact Form" will be the title by default. You can change it. The form will automatically adjust to the size of your sidebar of footer column.

That's all


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