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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Hard Drive Recovery- How To Recover Data From Dead/Infected Hard Drive

Hard Drive Recovery has gradually become popular among computer users across every nation. Every day many computer users loose data / files due to one thing or the other. Data lost can result from accidentally deletion, Virus attack, dead hard drive and to mention a few.

Last week, I got an email from one of our subscribers saying:

Dear Blogger,

Please, I have a 60g hard drive with important information I stored on it. This morning, while I tried to access it, it was inaccessible. I guess the hard drive is either dead or infected with computer virus / Malware. Please what will I do in other to recover my files and photos back.


To answer your question, Obinna, on how you can go about recovering your files and photos from the hard drive, there are few things you need to do first.

Step 1
You have to physically examine the hard drive. Check whether the hard drive is broken somewhere. Take a look at the hard drive pins and make sure that none is belt. If you see any of the pins bent, try and straighten it.  Next

Step 2
You need to connect your hard drive to another computer. With some kind of SATA/IDE to USB Cable or USB Drive enclosure or sled, you can safely connect the hard drive to the computer.

Step 3
Run Antivirus check on the hard drive. Take your time and make sure that you scan the hard drive very well. Sometime hard drive can be suffering virus attack, but with the help of good antivirus check, this can be brought under control. I recommend that you should download and install AVG Antivirus latest edition.

If you are still not able to recover your files and photos from the hard drive, then move to the next step

Step 4 
Download Hard Drive Recovery Software and install on the computer
This time you need to download good hard drive recovery Software and install it on your computer. There are few hard drive recovery Software we can recommend:

  =>>     TestDisk From Cgsecurity(Free):  TestDisk is an open source utility program that supports any platform be it window, linux or  OS X. it has a quick way of recovering data so fast. If you a very good with command prompt you will prefer this utility program.

 =>>     Recuva (from Piriform):  This is good and free Recovery data software. Recuva does a great job especially if you are interested in restoring selected files off the hard disk.

 =>>    Filesalvage ($80): If you are on Mac Platform, Filesalvage does a great work when it comes to data recovery. It restores files on multiple partition hard drive, damaged and corrupt drives. Another data recovery software that comes close to this is Data Rescue for Mac. You can try this out if you want an alternative for Filesalvage.

Note: If the hard drive has been formatted, some of the these tools can actually recover data from it.

Step 5

If after trying the above steps and still not able to recover the data, and you are ready to spend money, then you need to contact guys at Drivesavers and OnTrack. These guys are very good in recovering data from formatted drives, overwritten drives and even physically damaged drives. Although this services are very expensive but you will be happy with them after they handle your job.

As you can see, its always good to have a backup of your files both locally and online to avoid going through all these. To always be on the safe side, always backup your work.

I hope this helps.


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