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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Borrow Credit From MTN Nigeria And Pay Back As soon As You Recharge.

You can now borrow credit from MTN  when your account balance is too low to enable you continue with your on-going calls. The credit you borrow can be used for all chargeable MTN activities. How much you can borrow depends on how you have been loading / Recharging your MTN line.  This service is called MTN XtraTime. You only pay back as soon as you recharge your MTN Line.

What are the Criteria For using MTN XtraTime?

=>> You must be an active MTN Prepaid customer

=>> Your SIM must be registered as directed by Nigeria Communication Commission.

=>> Your MTN Line must have being activate for at least 12 months.

=>> Your MTN Main account balance must be between N0 and N12 as at the time of borrowing

=>>  MTN will put into considerations how often you recharge and how much you usually spend per month

=>>  You must have paid any outstanding credit you borrowed and charges associated with it, before apply for new one.

Steps on How To Access Credit From MTN

 ==>>  Dial *606#, you will see the following menu display on your phone screen
       1.            Check Eligibility Status
       2.            Request for XtraTime
       3.            Check XtraTime Balance
       4.            XtraTime Transaction History
       5.            AboutXtraTime
       6.            Exit

Depending you what you want to achieve, you can dial the corresponding USSD Code

Receiving MTN XtraTime Credit
It not everybody that is eligible to receive this credit. MTN has way of determining who and who is eligible for this credit. When someone who is eligible request for the credit, MTN will review your account history and determine whether to approve your request or decline it. If your request is approved, your XtraTime credit will be loaded in a special XtraTime account. You can check your Special XtraTime account balance by dialing *606#.

MTN XtraTime Service Charge
MTN charges you 10% of the airtime you borrowed. For example, if N100 XtraTime is requested for, a service fee of N10 is first deducted, and the remaining N90 is credited to the customers special XtraTime account.

How To Pay back the Credit You borrowed
You dial *556# to see how much you are owning. Most time your account balance you be in  negative value showing the outstanding XtraTime amount.
Anytime you recharge your line, the amount you borrow will be debited from your main account balance. you

In cases where the recharge amount is less than the outstanding XtraTime amount, subsequent recharges will be used to recover whatever is outstanding.
The recharge can be via any of the available physical or logical channels.

Have you borrowed Credit from MTN before?


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