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Sunday, 23 March 2014


ASOS - A Very Good Online Fashion Stores To Shop For All Your Wears

If you are looking for a good place to shop for all your wears both for men and women, then ASOS is the very place.

ASOS is the largest UK Online shopping store with their headquarter in UK. They offer over 60,000 branded and its own label products across men's wears and women's wears.

Although you can get good fashion wears at Jumia Nigeria, but at ASOS  you will get it at much cheaper cost. Luckily, if you come across any valid ASOS discount codes, you will get any product you want to buy at much more cheaper prices.

ASOS sales a wide range of fashion outfits ranging from Bags, Jeans, Shoes, shirts, watches, sunglasses, jeweleries, suits and Blazers and so many others.

For 2 years now, I have been buying my wears from ASOS with my GTB naira master card and I have never had any issue with them.

How Much Does ASOS Charge for International Shipping
ASOS DOES NOT CHARGE FOR SHIPPING. THEY DO FREE SHIPPING  TO OVER 190 COUNTRIES including Nigeria. So you only pay for the cost of product. No additional charges. As at the time of writing this article, ASOS is offering 70% off the original cost of the product.

How To Shop and order for product at Asos
You must have an account with ASOS before you can order for anything at ASOS. Just Visit and click on "Join".

Then fill the form with your correct details and Submit. 

Thats all.

Do you know any other online shopping websites that does free delivery to Nigeria? 


  1. ASOS charges 20GBP for express shipping, it gets delivered within 3-4 working days,but an additional customs charges are paid before your goods are delivered(calculated by the courier service- SKYNET) BUT Free shipping is done if your goods are 20GBP and above... ONLY postal charges of N1,050 is billed before your items are released to you..Free shipping takes about 14working days.The disadvantage is missing items..i have been a victim of this numerous times ,no thanks to the customs and postal service..however ASOS refunds the full cost if it is truly missing then GTB credits at a lower figure compared to the exchange rate charged at debit i.e if N353 was charged and you were credited back by ASOS due to missing goods...GTB will credit at an exchange rate of N306 thereabout. Its a pleasurable feeling shopping with ASOS..only Nigerian factors makes it very difficult ..These didn't use to happen before though ..