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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Truecaller: Free Caller ID Lookup to Find Contact Details of Unknown Phone Numbers

Some years ago, there were few services that will let you trace mobile phones numbers, but unfortunately those services are not efficient and dependable in this current era.
With latest advancement in technology, it is now possible to know details of incoming call number whenever we get a call from unknown number. This is most especially handy whenever I have missed calls on my phone, instead of calling the number back immediately, I will first of all check out the number with reverse caller id, to know who the caller is before I put back a call to the number.

One great advantage of this free caller id lookup is that it will display to you the name of the caller and from there, you now determine whether to call back or not. One of these caller id lookup that is very popular worldwide is called Truecaller.

With Truecaller, you can find the details of the unknown incoming number within few seconds.

How Truecaller works
Truecaller app is a worldwide database of mobile phone numbers. It uses the contact phone numbers of the users(who must have installed Truecaller on his or her Phone) to build the whole database of the mobile phone numbers, do that anybody can perform a reverse caller id lookup. The video below explains more on how Truecaller works

Below Are Some of The Benefits of Truecaller

  •   You can perform  complete free caller id look up. What this means is that, if you have a mobile phone number, with the use of Truecaller you can  find the contact details of that number.
  •     Truecaller sync with your mobile phonebook.  This will go a long way in helping you to update features like pictures, address and other details which can be found  in Truecaller database.
  •     You can block unwanted calls, spam calls, and especially incoming calls from marketing organization.
  •     You can search for your friends and get their contact details from Truecaller, though you will need to buy Truecaller credit to perform this action
  •     Truecaller app is currently available for Apple, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 phones.  Click here to download it.
  •   Truecaller can be use online by visiting their official website here.
  •   Truecaller is currently  available for all the countries.

3 Reasons Why I should use Truecaller:

  •     True caller is a free App. Like I said before it’s a free caller id lookup to identify unknown mobile phone numbers.
  •    Truecaller can help you block unwanted calls.
  • Truecaller works can work on different kinds on mobile phones and on computer also.

Click Here to Download Truecaller

Have you use Truecaller before? What benefits do you get after using it? Do you know any other alternate to Truecaller app?


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