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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


How To Setup a Tracker in Blackberry 10 phones

Every day the prices of Smartphones keep dropping and more and more people can now buy those big expensive phones at a low cost. One of those big expensive phones is Blackberry z 10.

At the time of writing this post, Blackberry Z 10 is the latest Blackberry phone that comes with Blackberry 10 operating system. This phone has so many features you can’t even find in other Blackberry phone.

Perhaps, if you already own one or you are planning to buy it, always remember that the first thing you need to do after purchasing a Blackberry z 10 phone is to setup a tracker in your device incase you lose it tomorrow or got stolen.

In this guide I will show you how to setup and also how to track your blackberry 10 phones in case it get lost.

To setup the tracker

1)     Go to Settings and tap “Blackberry Protect”

2)    Change the option to “on” by default its off

3)    Once its “on”, you will be required to sign in to the devices using your blackberry Id

4)    After that, just relax. The tracker has been set up.

In case, your device get stolen visit There on the website, you will get the current GPS location of your phone, you can also control a lot of things on the phone from the website like locking the phone with password, send custom message to the device and even wiping the device remotely.

Setting up Blackberry protect using takes a minute or 2 minutes, but it will help you in case you lost your phone.


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