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Monday, 10 February 2014


How To Register a Business Name in CAC Without a Lawyer or An Agent

Most people believe that you must involve a lawyer or an agent before you get your Business Name registered in CAC. But the truth of the mather is that you can actually do it by yourself.
In this article, I m going to guide you on how you can personally register your own Business Name in CAC here in Nigeria.

In case if you don't know what is the meaning of CAC, it means Corporate Affairs Commission. This is the body set up by Government to take charge of setting up and management of companies in Nigeria. This body is empowered to handle all Business Name registration, company registration and incorporated trustees in Nigeria.

To Register Your Business Name Follow These Steps

1)    Visit any CAC office close to where you are staying. In case if you don’t know where its located, Click here to see the complete list location of all the CAC offices in Nigeria.

2)    You need to come up with at least 3 different names (that are unique) that you will like to register. The essence of this, is that if the main name fails, they can still check out the other two. You have to have these names handy before going to the CAC.

Note: Make sure that names you are going to submit does not contain any of these word National, Government, State, Bank, Police etc.

Also make sure that the Business Name you want to register does not resemble any name that has already been  registered. Eg trying to register JobcentreNigeria while Jobcenter Nigeria has already  been registered.

Another thing you should take note of is to avoid words like Engineering, Consulting,  as you will be asked to provide extra document supporting those names.

3)  When you get to CAC office, tell the CAC staff you will meet there that you want to register a Business Name. You will be ask to pay for "Availability Check and Reservation of Name" Form. This cost N500.

4)     You will be giving the form to fill. You can also download the form here. Ask the CAC staff to guide you in filling it.  Fill and submit it. You will be ask to check your email address after like one week to know whether the names you submitted are available.

If finally one of the names get approved, you will be asked to pay N10,000 for registration of the business name.  You can check out the CAC fee here:

You will be giving a form to fill and expected to submit it back with receipt of payment.

 Below are The Requirements for The Business Name Registration Form:

a) the approved business name
b) the business address,
c) the name of the sole proprietor or partners,
d) the address of the owner/s,
e) two passport photographs of the owner/s.
 f) general nature of the business.

The CAC staff might present a document to you containing the categories of business names. From the list, you will choose the categories that matches your kind of business

The commission will now register the business name for you and print “Certificate of Registration for the Business Name.  It normally takes CAC  2 to 3 weeks to get this done. After 2-3weeks, you have to go back to CAC office to collect back your Certificate of Registration.

I hope this helps.


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