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Saturday, 8 February 2014


How To Make Money With Whatsapp

There are so many different ways to make money both online and offline. Today I want to share with you how I make money using my phone and Whatsapp

Many people are not aware that you can actually make money from Whatsapp. Lets think about this, more that 70% of Smartphone’s users make use of Whatsapp. Nowadays people are using Whatsapp more that any other app on their phones.

As for me, Whatsapp is not just an app to shat with, it is an app I use to broadcast message to thousand of Whatsapp users. There is no day I don’t usually send out business message to all my contact on Whatsapp.

Below is the full detail of how I make money with Whatsapp

Step 1 -  Must Requirement
  You must have a lot of contact on your Whatsapp. Currently, I have over 3000 contacts on my Whatsapp. Below is my screenshot of all my contacts

Step 2: Making money
 There are different ways to go about this. It depends on how you want it but personally, I broadcast my affiliate links and someone else paid adverts.

How Get Some Else Advert
From time to time, I do normally broadcast message like this: “Promote your Business, brand, product and events to over 2000 Whatsapp users in Nigeria. PM me if you are interested”

I usually charge N500 per broadcast.

Note:-  Whatsapp allows a maximum number of 256 contacts for each broadcast. So for you to send to 1000 contacts, you need to send it up to 5 times.

I hope this helps and you can also implement this method using BBM.
How do you make money from your own Whatsapp?


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