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Thursday, 6 February 2014


How To Get Dubai Visa From Nigeria

I am quite aware that so many people do always look for the easiest means to get Dubai Visa from Nigeria. As we all know, Dubai is most popular and innovative city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Most Nigerians travels to Dubai for business, tourism, and so many other reasons. If you are in Nigeria, you are looking for an easiest means to get Visa to Dubai look no more.

The easiest way to get Dubai visa from Nigeria is through an agent. Mind you there are so many fake agent who claims that they help people to secure Dubai Visa, then at the end of the day, they will run with your money.

Dubai Visa Application
So at the time of writing this post, helps in securing a visa to Dubai.  Currently, they have 3 classes of Dubai Visa they can help you secure.

1)      Dubai 1 Month Visa  =  N73,950.00

2)      Dubai 2 Months Visa = N125,000.00

3)      Dubai 2 weeks Visa    = N28,900.00

Note:  This price excludes your ticket fare and you must be up to 25 years and above and also possess a valid International passport.
If you are interested, Visit then click on "Visa"

Then follow the next instructions.

I hope this helps.


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