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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


How To Embed Hulkshare Music Player inside Blogger

If you are a blogger user and you are looking for a way to embed Hulkshare music files to your blog post so that your web site visitors don’t necessary  have to leave your site before listening to mp3 files you share in your blog post, then look no more. In this article, i will show you how to embed Hulkshare Music Player inside Blogger.

In case if you are new to Hulkshare, it’s a database for all kinds of music. It’s a website where music lovers, artists, D.Js share MP3 Music files to friends and fans. If you have any MP3 music files  you want to share, simply go to Hulkshare Music Player to embed the file in side your blog post.

In case you Want to embed the Mp3 file to your post, follow these steps
  •     Use the "Search field" to find any music track you want to embed eg Tupac
  •    Then  Click on the track, a new page will be opened.
  •     Click on “Share” and a new pop up window will be opened
  •     Click on “Get Embed Widget” under Hulkshare comment player.
  •    Click “copy to click board”( You can customize if you want)
  •     Go to your Blogger post editor
  •    Click on HTML Option
  •     Pastes the code you copied from Hulkshare
  •     Then click publish.

View your blog, you will see that the MP3 music file has been added to the blogspot.
I hope this helps.


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