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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Gatherproxy- Another Alternative to Hidemyass

If you have been using Hidemyass and you feel like you need something better, then try Gatherproxy, which also deals with proxy server lists, socks lists, web proxy lists, online proxy checker and proxy scraper tool. With Gatherproxy, you can check your IP address, your browser information, hide your IP address. You can download list of perfectly working proxies that have worked for the past 24 hours.

Currently, Gatherproxy has list of over 350 web proxy list you can use to navigate the net without showing your own IP address. This list is been tested and edited everyday to remove and add new web proxy.

With web proxy, you can browse the internet with your true online ID hidden to protect your system.  You will hide under anonymous IP, SSL list, Google passes IP or Sock IP.

Features and  Benefit of Gatherproxy

One thing I found out about Gatherproxy is that they always list the most trusted proxies when compared to other websites. They offer free membership to visitors where by each member will be able to access the website for free. They also list proxies country by country, making it more easy to access and the whole proxy list is presented in .txt format.

Gatherproxy  is the only website I have seen that offer these lists in .txt format. You also check your  internet protocol (IP address) on their website. They offer High quality socks (Socket secure) proxies.  By subscribing to the website the user joins the website and they can download the proxy lists.  The main features includes:
  •     Joining as a member can be done at ease.
  •     Visitors can join as a member without paying money to the website.
  •     A member is allowed to download all the fresh proxies listed
  •     The visitors are allowed to download the filtered proxies which is listed separately.
  •     Web proxy lists are provided for visitors which allows them to view their desired websites without revealing their details.
  •     User can surf through the internet even when the firewall is blocked with ports by using this web proxy list.
  •     The visitors are privileged to download proxy scraper, proxy checker (freeware). With the GPT tool your yield from your computer is abundant.

The list is updated daily to make sure that the proxies are working 24 hours.

You don’t really need to visit their site to get access to these proxies. Gatherproxy has a small tool which you can download here. All you need is to save this tool on your desktop and open it whenever you need it.

If you are looking for a better website to get good and working free proxies, which can be categorized country by country, you should try Gatherproxy..

They are so many things you can use these proxies to do. You can decide to make money with it by selling them on Fiverr, but personally i use on some of my marketing tools.

What other proxy website do you know?

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