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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


6 Lessons I have Learned About Blogging

In October 2007, when I first heard about the word "blog" through a foreign magazine. Within some few minutes, I set up my very first blog (which is not in existence today). Since that time, I have run over 30+ blogs, although most of them are no longer in existence till now. I have blog across different niches; some of these niches are what I don’t really know much about till I set up a blog for it.
From that time, I have been through challenges, in different form, obstacles but today I have course to smile because I was able to stand on top of the entire situations despite all odds. Although I sometimes wish that someone would have had me sat by his side and put me through all these.

Below Are My Top Lessons I Learned From Blogging

1)     Target a Niche: No mather how you look at it, building a blog around a niche is really the best. Your blog will be known for that niche. It’s not good to be mixing different niches together as this will make you to loose some audience.

2)    Work hard: Right from time, I m a strong believer that success comes through hard work. Always be dedicated in whatever you are doing. There are at times you will encounter some challenges. Never ever give up. Always be on the lookout for a solution.

3)    Diversify: As the good old saying goes, "Never put all your eggs in one basket". Try as much as possible to diversify all your sources of revenue. This will really help in case if something happens to one source you will not be affected much because you have more that one source of income.

4)    Have a Backup Plan: Do not focus all your time into online. Try and get an offline jobs and make all your online venture as a backup plan. This will also help you a lot incase if some unforeseen events affects your online endeavors.

5)    Be Yourself: There is no need to start copying people’s work. Be yourself and unique. This will really make you to stand out from the crowd. You will be well known for your uniqueness and it will really go a long way in improving traffic to your website.

6)    Get a Life:  Life is not all about blogging. Take some time off and interacts with your family and friends. I notice that each time I spent with my family and friends helps me to clear off my brain, there by making me to produce a quality work whenever I get back online.

These are my personal experience. What about you, what lessons have you learnt from blogging?


  1. this is almost the points i would coin out as what i have learnt so far about blogging. and to add to this bro! blogging has really exposed me to people, advanced information, and so lot more i could not remember both good and bad. I have learnt to be patient and to be consistent in whatever i am doing. I like your blog and would always come to spend some time here. my own blog is