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Saturday, 25 January 2014


New Blackberry Phones in Price Range of N15,000 - N40,000

As the price of Blackberry phones are coming down more and more people are ready to grab one for themselves. If you are looking for a gift to buy for someone special, you can check out these affordable blackberry phones. You can also check out  my previous, 10 Best Cheap Android Phones – Under N5,000 to N15,000 Price Range

Below are New Blackberry phones in Price Range of N15,000 - N40,000

1)  BlackBerry Curve 6 9220 : This phone has 1Gb Internal memory which runs on BlackBerry OS 7.1. It also comes with 2806MHz processor with makes the phone to perform task at a very high speed. Unlike other Blackberry Phones, the prices of Blackberry Curve 6 9220 is so cheap. It has a unique packaging from front to back. This phone comes with unique features with includes

  • 2 MP Digital Camera
  • 2.44'' Screen, 320x240 pixels
  • 806 MHz processor
  • 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Hotspot support

Physically, BlackBerry Curve 6 9920 has its notification LED along with the earpiece with 240 x 239 pixels  touch display , with a good well lay keyword board to type your message and optical track pad. The screen is always bright. It also have a micro USB charging data sync and a two megapixel fixed focus camera.

It does come with WiFi b/g/n and and Bluetooth. it support only 2G network and battery life is claimed to be about seven hours of talk time and up to 18 days of standby time. You have 512 MB of onboard memory you can put in micro SD card up to 32 gigabyte . It does have a convenient search button to you can search for anything on your device and does come with an FM radio as well. If you ask me, BlackBerry Curve 6 9920 is pretty alright.

In Nigeria the lowest price you can get this BlackBerry Curve 6 9920 is N15,495.

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2)   BlackBerry Curve 7 9320:  -  
This phone has 1 GB Internal memory with Blackberry O.S 7.1. Its very cheap when compared to other blackberry phones, with display size of 2.4 inches and with 3.2mega pixels. It comes with full QWERTY keyboard, resolution of its display is 320 by 240. With the blackberry curve 9320 you get full access to the Blackberry app world where you unlimited access to exciting apps like Facebook, Twitter and loads of fun games. So you can share your Facebook status updates, latest Tweets or the app you've just downloaded directly from the app store..

 The Main Features of Blackberry Curve 7 9320 includes

   >>   BlackBerry OS 7.1
   >>   3.2 MP Camera
   >>   2.44'' Screen, 320x240 pixels
   >>   806 MHz processor
   >>   3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled

   >>   Hotspot support   
   >>   Internal Memory 512 MB storage, 512 MB RAM
   >>   Talk time: up to  7 hours;    Standby time: up to 18 days
   >>   Big and bright screen display
   >>   Video Recording; Wi-Fi; MP3 and MP4 Player; 3.5mm Ear Jack
   >>   You can add microSD up to 32 GB

In Nigeria the lowest price you can get this BlackBerry Curve 7 9320 is N24,495.

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3)   BlackBerry Bold 2 9700
This phone has a class of its own and comes with 256 MB of Internal memory, with 3.1 megapixels. When compared to latest smartphones, its color resolution is very good as it support up to 65,000 different colors with good trackpad for easy navigation. BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 supports 3G and Wifi.

The Key Main features of
BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 includes

    BlackBerry OS 5
    3.15 Megapixel Digital Camera
    2.44" Screen, 480x360 pixels
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled

Many people considered it as the best blackberry phone with the highest long lasting battery, and unarguably the strongest, most efficient blackberry ever. BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 will completely meet your expectations in terms of price, comfort and use. If your are looking for a good Blackberry Phone whose Battery life is SUPERB, then this is the very Phone.

In Nigeria,
BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 phone sales for N30,000  

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4)  BlackBerry Bold 9720
This phone runs on Blackberry OS 7.1. Its keyboard is a little different from other Blackberry device to help you type more faster. It comes with built in FM radio system and its also a Touch Screen phone. Greatly supports 3G Network with talk time of Up to 7 h and battery standby of Up to 432 h.
The key main features of this phone includes

    OS: BlackBerry OS 7.1
    Camera: 5MP Primary Camera
    Type of Screen: 2.8 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen
    Memory: 512MB RAM
    Battery Life: Up to 7h
    QWERTY Keyboard
    Browser: HTML
    Wifi Support
    Hotspot Support
    Bluetooth Support

Best Price in Nigeria
In Nigeria, BlackBerry Bold 970 phone sales for ₦ 32,495
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 As you can see, the price of this phones are good. Do you know another New Blackberry Phones that sales between the price range of N15,000 to N40,000.

You can check out our next post on New Blackberry Phones in Price Range of N41,000 - N50,000

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