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Thursday, 30 January 2014


Looking for how to check Airtel BIS Balance - Use any of These 4 Codes

While I was browsing this morning with Airtel BIS Subscription on my laptop, suddenly my pages stop loading. I removed my modem and connected it back, but still, it was not browsing.
I, immediately checked my balance by sending “status” to 440, the replied I got was that I have an active Airtel Unlimited Blackberry subscription. But the message does not contain how many MB I have.  So I decided to call the Airtel Customer Care by dialing 111. After speaking with one of the Airtel Customer Care representative, I realized that there are 4 different USSD Code to use to check your Airtel BIS Balance.

What Are The Codes for Checking Balance for Airtel BIS?
  Simply dial any of the following codes:

1)     *141*11*0#

2)    *141*712*0#

3)    *123*10#

4)  *223#

The above first 3 codes will show you the remaining balance and the expiry date of your Airtel BIS subscription while the last code will only show you the MB left without the expiry date.

Which code do you use to check for your Airtel BIS SUBSCRIPTION?


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