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Friday, 31 January 2014


How To Hide Photos and Videos on Blackberry Phones

I know some us don’t really feel comfortable each time someone scrolls through our photo gallery or videos. Today  I want to share with you the most effective means of hiding photos and videos on your Blackberry device phone.

To Hide Photos
With Blackberry “Private Photo app", you can hide any picture or photos in your album by creating a Private album. Photos and Pictures saved in this Private album can only be access with password and it’s the owner of the Blackberry that knows the password.

This  amazing tools that can hide your pictures. You can download this app from Blackberry App world.

Note: if you uninstall this app from your Blackberry phone, you will lose all the pictures. So make sure you unlock all your pictures before uninstalling this App.

Click here to download Blackberry Private Photo App.

To Hide videos

With “Private Files” App you can comfortable hide your videos away from people that scroll through your phone. This file app normally comes with most Blackberry phones.

If you have any video to hide, follow these steps

=>   Goto Menu >> Application >> Files app

=>    Select File Folder >> Media card

=>    Select “Blackberry” >> Videos

=>    Select the video you want to hide, click on the “menu" Button, then scroll to properties and click it.

=>    Tick the “hidden” check box and click ok.

If you follow the above steps, you have successfully hide your videos on your blackberry phone.

Note: In case if you want to unhide the video, follow these steps

To unhide your already hidden video

=>  Click “Menu” >>Application>> Files app

=>  Select “File Folders” >> Media card

=>  Select Blackberry>> Videos

=>  Click on the “Menu Button and select “show hidden”. You will see the names of all the hidden videos in a faint list.

=>  Select the video you want to unhide

=>  Click on the Menu> Properties

=>  Uncheck the hidden check box and Click “ok”

Now the video is no longer hidden and it can be seen in the video folder.
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