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Saturday, 18 January 2014


How To Fix Google Crawl Errors Using “Custom Redirect”

If you have been using Google Webmaster Tool, you might have notice that it reports any crawl errors found when crawling your sites. In case if you are new to Google Webmaster Tools, it  provides you with detailed reports about your web pages' visibility on Google. It shows you how your web pages are doing in Google search Engine. It also allows you can submit your website sitemap link to Google for fast indexing.

To see such see such errors,

=> Log in to your Google Webmaster Tool

=> Click on Home Button

=> You will see list your websites, click on the website you want view errors

=> Scroll down to “Crawl” tab and select “Crawl Errors

=> Click on Web tab, and select Not Found tab to see if there is error reported against that site.

=> Copy all the errors reported to your notepad

Screenshot below shows my own crawl errors

These url errors are “Page Not Found” on your blog. Google bot was not able to find those pages on your blog. So there is need to fix these errors by redirecting the non-existing pages to the existing pages

To Redirect "Page Not Found" Pages To The Existing Page Using Blogger
If you are using blogger, follow the steps below

=>  Login in to your blogger dashboard

=> Go to “Settings” and Click on “Search Preferences

=>  Look for “Error and Redirection”, and Click the edit Link very close to “Custom Redirects

=>  Click on the “New Redirect” Link.

=>  In the “From” Field, enter the url of the non-existing page, for example:/p/advertise.html

=>  In the “To” field, enter the URL page of where you want the page to be redirected to

=>  Check the Permanent Checkbox

=> Click on save

To redirect the Non-existing pages to existing pages on Wordpress

If you are using Wordpress, there are so many plugin that can help you achieve that automatically. One of the plugin I recommend is 404 to Start Wordpess plugin

=> Log in to your WordPress dashboard

=> Scroll down to plugin and click on “Add new

=> In the search field, enter 404 to Start Plugin and click on search

=> Look for “404 plugin and click Install Now

=> Click Activate button once the installation is done

That’s all

When next Google bot crawls your site you will not notice those URL errors are no longer there.

I hope this help and if you have anything to say about this, kindly use the comment sections.


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