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Friday, 24 January 2014


How To Browse With Glo, Etisalat , MTN BIS on Android Phones and PC - 2014 Trick

For sometimes now, Glo BIS stopped working on Android phones and PC and many people are still looking for a way to browse on PC and Android phone using Glo BIS subscription or any other network BIS of their choice. As at the time of writing this post its only Airtel BIS that is currently working on PC and Android Phones. If you are among those who are looking for another alternatives, you should read this article very well.

While I was going through some YouTube videos some days ago, out of no where, I stumble a smarter a way to use BIS subscription on Android Phones. I was even thinking that this may not work till I tried it.   Immediately, my HTC One S 4g Android phone got connected to GLO BIS and when I open the browser, Google webpage loaded.

As of today, Glo BIS is the cheapest and its reliable. With N1000 Glo BIS subscription, you are getting 3 Gigs as against N1500 Airtel BIS subscription for 2 gigs.

So How Do I Browse on Android or PC Using Glo BIS or Any Other BIS of My Choice

To browse on Android Phone or PC Using Glo BIS or Any Other BIS subscriptions of My Choice,  you need to first of all get a blackberry phone that has Hotspot features.

Note: Its only Blackberry 7.0 OS that have Hotspot features.

=>> Insert Your Glo SIM or MTN SIM or Etisalat SIM into any Blackberry with "Hotspot" Features

=>>  Subscribe to Glo BIS or MTN BIS or Etisalat BIS as the case maybe

=>> Turn on the “Hotspot” on the Blackberry device.

=>> Then on your Android Phone, go to Settings >>Wifi

=>> Select your Blackberry device name and Click "Connect"

=>> Key in your "WI-Fi password" for proper authentication and connection.

=>> Open your browser and start browsing the internet.

To Browse on PC

=>> You want to connect to PC, do the following

=>> Switch on the Wireless Connection your laptop.

=>>  Select the name of your Blackberry Hotspot name from the list of wireless connection you will see.

=>> Click on Connect, and type in the password and click OK.

=>> Open your  computer browsers and start browsing

 Thats all.

The above steps is how I personally connect to internet using my BIS Subscription.

Do you know any other way to Connect BIS Subscription to PC or Andriod Phones?


  1. This trick is solely dependent on your owning a blackberry os 7.0 and above phone. If so, why bother with tricks? Can you post a trick that goes directly to your android phone or through modem?

    1. As of today, this is the only way one can browse confidently using bis. although we r hoping that things will soon change

    2. Exactly. Anyone could have figured that out themselves. Thanks anyway.

  2. bro is it still working with the blackberry os 7.0 using BIS?

  3. It wrks, I just tried it...thanks bro.

  4. How To Use Glo BIS On PC And Non Blackberry Devices
    Insert your sim in a BB phone and browse for like 10 minutes and then
    put it back into your android phone or PC .
    Change the Access Point Name (APN) to and leave every other thing empty.
    You'r good to go now..

  5. Does Mtn work? I tried it and its not connecting to the internet.

    1. simple way to use GLO BIS on your andriod phone. get the MTK Enginne software and change the imei of your phone to blackberry own then enjoy your browsing.

  6. guy i don't get u by changing imei to bb own