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Thursday, 12 December 2013


Solution To Your connection to the wireless network is turned off

 For over 2 weeks i downloaded and installed BBM app on my HTC Android Smartphone, i was getting error messages saying "Your connection to the wireless network is turned off, Restore your connection and try again.” each time i try to active the BBM app on my phone.  One of my friend told me that his own phone says "Unable to Complete Setup, No Connection Found" each time he wants to active the app.In fact i almost got tried of the whole thing. I even search for the solution online but didn't get any meaningful thing online.

 I decided that i must find the solution to the problem. After thorough research, i came to conclusion that there two ways to solve this problem.

 1) Patience. This is caused by high traffic to Blackberry database. Just exercise some patience and keep trying it. it will go one day

 2) The second solution which is the best and instant solution to "Your connection to the wireless network is turned off" is to turn on your WIFI on and connect to another phone via WiFi Hotspot.

What i personally did to have my BBM App working on my Android was the solution 2. I asked my friend who is  WiFi Hotspot support phone to switch on his WiFi Hotspot on.  After that, i enabled my Wifi on my phone, then connect my phone with my friend's phone via WiFi.

I opened BBM App, immediately it connected.  I did the necessary form registration, instantly i got my BBM PIN and my BBM was activated.

Did you encounter any error message when you tried to activate your own BBM App on your Android Phone? Share with us how you got yours solved.


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