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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


How To use Mypaga To Pay For Your DSTV Bills

MyPaga is one of secure ways to transfer money online. Mypaga is specifical meant for paying of bills online which include Purchase of Air time, DSTV Bills and so on. MyPaga can also be used to send money to anyone with a mobile phone or make payments wherever you are! All you need is a GSM mobile phone, an internet–enabled device, or you can also visit any Paga agent. in this article , i will show how to pay for your DSTV bills from the comfort of your home using Mypaga.

Note: All DSTV payment from Mypaga are credited in real time and your DSTV service will be restored immediatly after payment.

Follow these steps to pay for your DSTV Bills using MyPaga
==> You need to Sign up for paga account( Although its not a must, but you have to)
==> After signing up, Log in to with your details.
==> Then Click on "Deposit Cash" to add money to your account using your ATM card.
==> After you account has be credicted with cash from your ATM, click "bill pay"
==> Then click on  "DSTV" link from the displayed list of merchants
==> Then Select the DSTV package you wish to pay for in the service box
==>  After that, enter your DSTV smartcard number and click GO
==> Next you will see a page with your customer information. Go through it and confirm if the smartcard is yours
==> If  its correct, then enter your Paga secret PIN and click GO
==> If everything is successful, you will see a confirmation with your transaction ID that its successfully
==> Then wait for some minutes for your DSTV channels to be restored


If after waiting for sometimes, your DSTV didnt get restored then follow this:

== > Switch your decoder to Africa Magic channel
== > Than dial 01 270323. This is Multi choice number.
== > Listen to the voice prompt Then press 1
== > You will be asked to enter the first ten digits of your dstv smart card number followed by the # key.

Wait your channels will be restored immediately.

To see the details of your account, you can log in to mypaga account anytime.

Thanks for reading.


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