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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Get Free Uk Number for Your Online Business

Having you being doing business online and having been looking for a way to protect your online identity? Do you want to advertise your business may be in a newspaper or any other online advertising, without actually revealing your mobile number? Most bloggers prefers to establish their online presence without directly exposing their numbers.

Today, I want to share with you, one of the best way to protect your online identity. Sticky Number is a free UK number supplier that has been tested over the years. With StickyNumber you can get a free 070 UK number that will be routed to your own country number irrespective  the network you are using. 

One thing that is great about this service that is being provided by Sticky Number is that all accounts are activated instantly there by giving u a immediate access to free Uk Number., we guaranteed the best performance & reliability at our disposal. Our client base expands across the globe, reaching 100,000's of users daily.  All 070 free UK numbers come with international forwarding.

Features of Sticky Number

  •     Registration Completely FREE
  •     24/7 Server Monitoring
  •     Complete Easy Management Tools
  •     24/7 access to your online control panel
  •     Unlimited virtual UK number routing
  •     Availability to choose from a selection of numbers
  •     Zero rental costs, no contract or minimum subscription
  •     View call records

According to Sticky Number website, they have provided free UK Number to 100,000's of individuals and businesses worldwide since 2011. it’s a privately-owned UK company and their offices and data centres are located throughout UK USA and NZ.

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