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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Tips on How to Change Photographs Into Cartoons and Sketch Pictures

Perhaps you may have considered creating a Cartoon of yourself ? Cartoon is really Fun moreover makes you to smile. It's also possible to change your digital photo into an interesting Cartoon character also make use of those cartoons in Social profiles like Facebook etc.. Unlike in the old days, you really don’t need to draw a cartoon, currently use the Photo editing computer software to convert photographs into Cartoon.

While, learning the complex photograph editing computer software like Photoshop is headache for many people and non techies. On the contrary I’ve found the answer for you to convert images into Cartoon using a free of charge software “XnSketch”. This  robust utility will  translate your photos into cartoon style.

 XnSketch is a tiny handy application that allows you to transform your photographs into cartoon or sketch photos. This cartoon maker furthermore provides fascinating different image effects with 20 image looks. Because this application user interface is very simple, anyone can use this to change their pictures to cartoons and professional sketch photos.

The result of the image special effects is simply exceptional and life like. I've reviewed this software with the following picture, one may look at the transformed picture result of this application beneath.

Tips on How to Change Photographs Into Cartoons and Sketch Pictures

XnSketch is a portable application, which means you don’t ought to install it. Download and extract the XnSketch files using the Archive extractors. Then Launch the XnSketch.exe

Open your picture via the open option in file menus or simply drag and drop the image within the App Window. You have 20 image filters and designs inside the Application Window. Simply click to apply those effects in the picture and translate your pictures into any appealing designs like Cartoon , black & white, Neon, Different Sketches, Oil Painting, Hatching, Pencil drawing,Stamp and Photocopy.

Then save the image in your computer or you can store the transformed pictures directly into the Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and other picture storing sites.

That’s it, In case you have a lot of photos, transform it to some interesting photo then share with your friends using this XnSketch!

Feel free to use this app in Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS devices (iPhone) and Android

Download XnSketch

Price : Freeware

Size :  14.5 MB

Download Link for XnSketch


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