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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Register and Activate Your GTB Mobile Money.

In one of my previous post, I discussed about how to register for First Bank Mobile Money.  Today I ‘m going to teach you how to register for GTB Mobile Money.

As you may already have know, Central Bank of Nigeria are looking for a way to reduce people carry cash around, so recently they came up a cashless policy where by people can pay and receive money on their mobile phone.  And most banks in Nigeria were authorized to oversee this implementation of this cashless policy. 

You don’t necessary need to visit any bank before you open GTB Mobile money account. Mobile Money is a actually secure, convenient and easy way to send money to family and friends from your mobile phone. With Mobile money, anybody that have a mobile phone can transfer funds to anybody here in Nigeria and also be able to pay for good and service with their mobile phones.

Some of the things you can do on GTB Mobile Money includes
•    Cash deposits into your mobile money account
•    Cash withdrawals from GTBank ATMs
•    Funds Transfers to any recipient (both mobile money subscribers and non-subscribers)
•    Purchase of Airtime
•    Balance Enquiries
•    Payment of Utility bills

How To Register for GTB Mobile Money

You can access this service in 2 simple ways:

•    Download the GTBank Mobile Money application to your Smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Android or JAVA enabled phones).

•    Obtain a SIM with the Mobile Money SIM Tool Kit already installed (Only Etisalat SIMs comes with this menu for now).

  For Option 1,
  Click here to Download GTB Mobile Money for Apple Downloads 

  Click here to Download GTB Mobile Money for Android  Downloads 

  Click here to Download GTB Mobile Money for Blackberry Downloads

  Click here to Download GTB Mobile Money for Nokia Downloads 

  Click here to Download GTB Mobile Money for Nokia full Touch Downloads 

How To Deposit  Money in GTB Mobile Money Account
1.    Through your phone if you are a customer of GTBank and have linked your account to your wallet
2.    If you are a customer of another bank you can transfer either through NIPS transfer or through  Quickteller portal (
3.    Through Point of Sale (POS) terminals enabled with FUND WALLET
4.    Through GTBank ATMs using your Bank Card
5.    Initiate a transfer from your account to your wallet from your phone once you have upgraded your account
6.    Transfer through Quickteller portal ( or any Bank ATM enabled with Quickteller.

How To Withdraw Money From GTB Mobile Money Account

To Enable cash-out from your account - ATM
•    Log on to your account on the Mobile Money app. Or Select “My Account” on the SIM menu
•    Initiate a cash out request from your phone
•    Select Cash Out
•    Then Select “From ATM”
•    Type the amount you wish to withdraw and Enter your Account PIN
•    You would get a message with a Fund Access Code (FAC) that would enable you cash out from an ATM.
•    Visit any GTBank ATM
•    Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’
•    Enter the Amount, your Phone Number, The Fund Access Code (FAC) and your Account PIN
•    Your cash is dispensed

How To Change Your GTB Mobile Money PIN Code

To change your account PIN
•    Log on to your account
•    Go to My Account and select Change Pin
•    Enter your current account PIN
•    Enter a new account PIN
•    Repeat  the new account PIN
•    Confirm the change PIN
•    You will receive a confirmation upon completion

How To upgrade your Account  GTMobileMoney

To enjoy more services you can upgrade from the GTMobileMoney (lite) to either Plus or Max . You can do this through the following means:
•    Via internet banking
•    By visiting GTBank Branches

1.    The Un-banked: Allows you maximum transaction limit of N3,000.00 and a daily limit of N30,000.00. Based on this variant you can register yourself through the various channels available. All you require is Your Name, Your Phone Number and Date of Birth.

2.    The Semi-banked: Allows you a maximum transaction limit of N10,000.00 and a daily limit of N100,000.00. For you to fall under this category you need to upgrade your account from the unbanked level to semi-banked. You would need to visit a Bank Branch to provide a valid ID in addition to the information provided as an unbanked customer.

3.    The Fully Banked: Allows you a maximum transaction limit of N100,000.00 and a daily limit of N150,000.00. Additional information is required for this variant. You require a proof of Address and a GTBank account.

How To Link Your GTB Mobile Money Account To Your GT Bank Account
•    Visit a GTBank branch to link your Mobile Money account to your Bank account
•    Fill a form requesting for the account to be linked. The request would be treated within 24 hours.
•    You will receive a message on your phone confirming the completion of the task.


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