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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


How To Retain Your MTN Number in Case You Travel Out of Nigeria

Have ever traveled out of the country and stayed longer months? Have you ever been afraid that your MTN number will be disconnected because you have not used it for some time?

You need not be afraid again, because MTN Nigeria has come up with a solution to that.  Its called MTN Keep My Number.

What is MTN Keep My Number?
 The MTN Keep My Number is one of the special services that allow MTN prepaid subscribers to keep their numbers in case they travel out of Nigeria or stay inactive/ dormant for more than 3 Months.

What are the Benefits of MTN Keep My Number 
With MTN Keep My Number:
•    Your MTN Line will not be disconnected or terminated whenever MTN wants to do massive disconnection of dormant numbers

•    You save yourself the stress and money involved in reprinting business cards and updating your websites when your number gets disconnected and recycled.

•    You will have your number reserved for 1 year irrespective of how long you stay out of the country.

•    You get to avoid high roaming charges while trying to keep your SIM active.

How does the MTN Keep My Number service work?
•    Recharge your account with sufficient airtime.

•    Dial *365*1# or send KMN to 36500 to subscribe for the MTN Keep My Number service.

•    Once you subscribe for the service, a subscription fee of NGN500 will be deducted from your account.

•    As soon as MTN confirm your payment, your number will be kept in Keep My Number list. So whenever MTNN conducts a mass disconnection and recycling of numbers, your numbers will be excluded from the list.

•    Your number will then be kept in the Keep My Number list for 365days.

•    If you want to remain on the Keep My Number list for another 365 days after your initial subscription has expired, you will be required to re-subscribe again by dialling *365*1# or texting KMN to 36500.

•    After re-subscribing for the service again, another subscription fee of NGN500 will be deducted from your account.

•    In the event that your subscription expires and you do not re-subscribe again, your number will be disconnected and re-cycled.

•    You will be able to opt out of the service by dialing *365*2#.


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