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Monday, 23 September 2013


Send And Receive Money Here In Nigeria Using Firstmonie Mobile Banking

Do you know that you can send money to anybody’s account (irrespective of the bank the person is banking with) using your mobile phone?
In other to reduce the stress involve in transacting business in banks, First Bank Nigeria recently introduced First Monie Mobile Banking Platform

In this post, I am going to look at what exactly is First Monie, what you need to know about First Monie, how to open a first money account, how to fund your FirstMonie account.

What Exactly is FirstMonie Mobile Account?
First Monie is a new mobile banking recently introduced by First bank Nigeria that enable users to send money, receive money, buy recharge cards, pay your bills using their mobile phones. In other words, you can send and receive money at the comfort of your house. There is no need to visit the bank before you send money to your friends and family. Everything is done using your mobile phone. It works with any mobile phone. Whether you are using old Nokia or China phones, First Monie Mobile banking can be done with your phone.

How To Open a First Monie Mobile Account?
FirstMonie Mobile account can be open at the comfort of your house. You don’t need to visit any bank before you open the your First Monie Account. There are 3 different ways to open a First Monie Account.
 You can choose from any of these ways.

1)     From any kind of mobile phone you are using, dial *894#. Whether you are using Airtel, Glo, Etislat or MTN, just dial *894#. Then follow the prompt.

Note, you will be required to create your secret security 4 digit pin.  You will be required to key in this pin each time you want to transact any business using your FirstMonie account.

2)     You can visit from your computer or mobile phone and register.

3)    If you are using blackberry, iPhone, or Android phone, you can download FirstMonie App from Blackberry world, App store and Google Play stores.

Note: after successful account opening, your mobile phone number is your account number and your secret pin is your password. Nobody can access your account without your secret Pin

How To Fund First Monie Mobile Account?
Immediately after your account opening, your account balance will be zero naira. There are three different ways you can fund your mobile account

1)     Via FirstMonie Agent: there are many registered FirstMonie Agents near you. They will collect cash from you and send the cash to your FirstMonie account. You will receive an sms notification saying that your account has been funded.
To check your FirstMonie account balance, dial *894# and choose “Check balance

2)    Via ATM: Visit any First bank ATM, insert your card and pin, select “send money" option. Select “To mobile phone” option. Enter your First Monie account Number (which is your mobile phone number), Enter amount and confirm.

3)    Via First Bank Account:  here, you need to first of all visit any first bank Branch and fill a mandate form that will link your First Bank Account with First Monie Account. After that dial *894#, select “First Bank Services” then “load Money from Bank “ option.

So what do you think about this? Share your thought.

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  1. Firstmonie is a shame wallet banking in Nigeria. the USSD code hardly work on MTN AND etisaltat networks. is better on GLO AIRTEL. FIRST BANK wake up and fix this problem. many have successfully registered but they can't use this service. i m an agent with FIRSTBANK. Call me for more 08098686169