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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


What You Should Know Before You Buy a Car

There are few important things you should consider before you finally make a move to buy a car. This article is meant to point out most of the important thing you should know before buying a car.
Although buying a car always come with a great joy but you need to set out something’s very clear. Before you make up your mind to buy a car, you really need to know what type and kind of a car you really need. You also need to consider what you want to do with the car, whether it’s for private or commercial use. Color, Cargo space, budget and dealers should not be left out.

Most car dealers, if you are not careful, will try to convince you to buy a car outside your budget. But if you stick to your already mapped out plan, such will not happen.

Another important thing to consider is whether you need to buy a new car or used car. You don’t just jump up and start buying a car, you need a proper research. Internet is usually the best to do your research before you make any purchase. Always look out for users review and know what challenges they are having in any car model you are planning to buy.

Then if you are have the intention to buy used car, try and do a complete inspection of the car. Know what is working and what it’s not working. Kicking on the tires is not always enough. Use your common sense to know whether the car has been involved in accident before or not by checking the body of the car very well.
Don’t allow the salesperson to distract you at all when you are checking out the car you want to buy. Don’t just assume everything is all right. Check out the fitness, air conditioning and heating systems.

Another thing you need to do is to test drive the car to make sure that the braking system in the car is in perfect condition. Drive the car around and see if its ok and in perfect conditions. Checking all these will make you to be sure of what you are about to buy because you really do not want to regret anything once you pay for the car.

The issue of being a good negotiator cannot be left behind. Before you meet the dealer, you must have decided how much you want to purchase the car. Also before you meet the salesperson, make sure you dressed properly as most salesperson will address you the way you dressed. If the salesperson asks you what you intent to do with the car, tell the sales person that you are yet to decide. Do not tell the salesperson your intention. Just focus on the brand you want.

Remember, salesperson always have their markup price. So when negotiating for the purchase of the car, start from the low end of what you are willing to pay. Do not get over excited about a car, and also be free to go out and check out other car dealers.
In conclusion, the best way to get the best deal when buying a car is to do research. You only need to concentrate on the car you want to buy. Do not allow car dealers to convince you to buy what you had not planned for. Checking out the selling price of the car over the internet so that you will have the idea of the real cost of the car.

Finally, make out time to shop for money before you shop the car. Its both important to get good deal both on the car and car loan. If your intention is to buy the car with a loan, then you need to check your local bank quotation to get the lowest rate. Pre-approve loan always give confidence in negotiating a car you want  to buy.


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